Tight Vac 1.3 Liter Storage Container

Tight Vac 1.3 Liter Storage Container

Tight Vac 1.3 Liter Storage Container

Tight Vac 1.3 Liter Storage Container


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The Tight Vac 1.3 Liter Storage Container is a partially vacuum-sealed container that keeps stored goods fresh up to three times longer than conventional containers. It is made of strong FDA-approved plastic and is effective in preserving goods and preventing odor leakage. However, it does not eliminate all oxygen and may not meet all exaggerated marketing claims. It is recommended to hand wash the container and report any damage for a replacement. Overall, it is a reliable and cost-effective choice for bulk storage.


Introducing the Tight Vac 1.3 Liter Storage Container, a revolutionary solution for keeping your items fresh and protected. Designed with a patented partial vacuum-sealed technology, this container ensures that your stored goods remain fresh up to three times longer compared to conventional containers. While the marketing may set high expectations, it’s important to clarify some points:

Vacuum Sealing: The Tight Vac creates a partial vacuum, removing the same volume of air as the cap. Although it’s not a complete vacuum, this partial vacuum is sufficient to maintain the freshness and edibility of most goods for extended periods. No batteries or electricity are required for its operation.

Smell Proof: The Tight Vac system preserves goods and prevents odor leakage for a variety of products. However, certain items like freshly roasted coffee and medical herbs may release their odor due to degassing. The 2-way valve allows gas buildup to escape without allowing oxygen in. For sticky and smelly substances, it’s recommended to use a strong zip lock bag inside the Vac to contain the smell.

Moisture and Oxygen: The Tight Vac system effectively keeps moisture and oxygen out, ensuring the preservation of your stored items. However, it’s important to note that the container does not eliminate all oxygen. The use of the word “vacuum” may give the impression of an oxygen-free environment, but the container does contain some oxygen.

Durability: The Vacs are made with strong NSF and FDA-approved PS #6 plastic, ensuring their durability during shipping and handling. If your Vac arrives damaged, it’s recommended to report it immediately for a replacement.

Cap Fitting: Different sizes and styles of Vacs may have slightly looser or tighter fitting caps. The functionality of the cap is not determined by its tightness, and loose caps work just as effectively. Caps may tighten over time and with regular use.

Cleaning: The Vacs should be hand-washed using mild or natural cleaners. They should not be microwaved or put in the dishwasher. Keeping the interior of the cap and the top of the container clean ensures easy opening and closure.

While the Tight Vac 1.3 Liter Storage Container is manufactured in China, it still offers great value, durability, and an effective solution for storing your items and limiting UV degradation. It may not meet all the exaggerated claims made in the marketing, but it remains a reliable and cost-effective choice for bulk storage.

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Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 8 in

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