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  • Steal Your Face Glass Water Pipe
    Steal Your Face Glass Water Pipe

    Steal Your Face Glass Water Pipe

    The Steal Your Face Glass Water Pipe by Trident stands between 14 and 16 inches tall. It is fabricated on 50mm wide by 5mm wall thickness clear Pyrex. After the classic bubble base is blown, the glass is fumed with silver for Blue and Green color change. The mouthpiece is flared and the mid section offers an ice indent and an old school Mercury Seal joint. Each piece offers a matching color bowl and a glass sculpture of a Steal Your Face with complimentary color abstract art wrapped around the neck.Many of the lathe operators and tube arters come from a large lamp working tree with it's roots in the soil of Jerome Baker Designs. You can see the inspirations from JBD in not only the art and decoration, but also in the downstem. It used to be that a hole was popped in the midsection of water pipes. After the proper hole size was attained, the hole was reinforced to accept a rubber grommet.All of that process still happens, but modern craft method at Trident takes its lead from scientific lamp working and employs a Mercury Seal by grinding the inner wall to accept a glass on glass downstem. The lower profile of the Mercury Seal joint on the Steal Your Face Glass Water Pipe does not stick out like most joints. This is important because it is much more work to make the joint much less susceptible to breakage.Beautifully Hand Decorated and Made in USALooking for something a little smaller? Check out a Recycler