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Chameleon Glass – 100% American Handmade Pipes

Cyclops Monsoon Original Concepts by Real People with Real Innovation.
Unrivalled Quality Made by Hand in the U.S.A.
SHOP NOW #623 Cyclops Monsoon #957 Bonehead Typhoon
Looking for Chameleon at your local shop? Check for our sticker. It means high quality, innovation and authenticity. It's how you know you're getting the dank. It's not just color changing glass, it's Chameleon Glass. LOOK FOR THE STICKER Go Authentic GRANITE GLASS PIPE


ASH CATCHER Our innovative indented mouthpiece uses gravity to deflect anything heavier than air allowing this pipe to collect any ash - so you can enjoy the true taste of your favorite terpenes. Ashcatcher SHOP NOW

The Shire gandalf type These will make you feel like
you’re in the middle of the shire.
Gandalf Pipes SHOP NOW

MONSOON What makes Monsoon’s spill proof system unusual is the placement and shape of the holes within the glass mechanism. These holes on the water filtered hand pipes allow smoke to easily bubble through water, while making it difficult for water to escape. Monsoon Blue Monsoon Pink SHOP NOW Monsoon Clear

TYPHOON With specially-engineered air directors (venturi) on each side of the Typhoon hand pipe, the directors cause the smoke/air mixture to vortex inside the chambers of each section. The result: A “softer” smoke as centrifugal force spins & sticks combusted tar and ash against the inside glass of the pipe—instead of inside of you! Typhoon Classic SHOP NOW

Perfect for every day or special occasions. These pipes add a personal touch to your collection. CHARACTER PIPES SHOP NOW

Frosted Glass ABSOLUTE ZERO Condenser coils inside will allow a pathway for the smoke to travel over the cooled surface of glass. Due to this coil, there will be a crisp pull with no burn or throat irritation. SHOP NOW