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    Monsoon Concentrate Spill Proof Bubbler Glass Pipe
    Monsoon Concentrate Spill Proof Bubbler Glass Pipe

    Monsoon Concentrate Spill Proof Bubbler Glass Pipe

    The Monsoon Concentrate Spill Proof Bubbler Glass Pipe, it’s the bong you take along - for your hash and or concentrate needs on the go.  For years, we have sacrificed water filtration and relied on chinese electronic pens and dab straws for mobile use. Now, the original on the go water filtered glass pipe is fitted with 3 vents at the top of the bowl to enjoy your extract wherever you are. The Monsoon Concentrate Spill Proof Bubbler Glass Pipe comes with a replaceable 30 second hot stick that works with a standard Bic Lighter to make it an efficient and highly functional mobile rig without sacrificing water filtration.This Monsoon works on the residual heat build up in the glass hot stick. After 30 seconds above a standard Bic lighter, the hot stick builds enough heat base to vaporize concentrates of all kinds. I prefer bubble, live rosin (properly made) or finger dust from your grinder because none of them have residual solvents. This waterpipe does not have a traditional bowl with a hole at the bottom. Instead, we place 3 vents near the top of the bowl rim to catch vapor after you press the heated hot stick into your concentrate and are drawing on the pipe.Now you can receive the health benefits of water filtration while on the go without the messy side issues of taking your home rig and torch with you.  The Monsoon allows smoke to bubble through the water, yet makes it virtually impossible for the water to get out, until you want it out (cleaning and refilling).Hand Made in USALearn how to clean your Monsoon
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    two multicolored glass pipes with gold, silver, and three glass marbles
    Abalone Glass Pipe

    Abalone Glass Pipe

    The Abalone Glass Pipe is a visually striking piece crafted using air-trap technique and layered with multi-layered silver and gold fuming. Its unique design includes a larger diameter clear glass base and three glass marbles on the bowl. Hand-made in the USA, this sophisticated pipe is perfect for collectors looking to upgrade their waterpipe.Collecting? Check out an upgrade for your waterpipe with the Abalone Bowl!
  • Inner Sanctum Chillum Glass Pipe

    Inner Sanctum Chillum Glass Pipe

    The Inner Sanctum Chillum Glass Pipe is a great carrying piece.  It's compact, has a nice bite mouthpiece, and includes a built in glass screen so you don't get that annoying pull through that can happen with a strong pull.  Clear, so you can see the smoke moving through the piece, and a marble on the bowl to prevent rolling around and off of coffee tables, which is the demise of so many pieces.Don't forget to check out the rest of them the Inner Sanctum Sherlock, Glass Pipe and Bowl!Made in USA by our friends at Blazing Blue Glass
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    Jester Glass Pipe
    Jester Glass Pipe

    Jester Glass Pipe

    The Jellyfish Glass Water Pipe by Trident is a stunning work of art, standing at 14 to 16 inches tall and expertly crafted with clear Pyrex. Fumed with silver, it changes color from blue to green and features a flared mouthpiece, ice indent, and Mercury Seal joint. Meticulously hand-decorated with a glass jellyfish marble and two Jellyfish Millie marbles, it's a testament to American glassblowers' artistry and ingenuity.


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