Monsoon refers to a simple percolator invented by Chameleon Glass. Similar to the trap under your sink, the Monsoon percolator relies on gravity and the surface tension of water to create a passage for air/smoke to be drawn through water for cooling and filtration. Because it is enclosed, the water remains inside the percolator until you want to remove it for cleaning. Knock offs refer to it as a Spbubbler (Spill Proof Bubbler) or Spoon Bub.

The Monsoon was originally designed  as a vaporizer attachment for musician/visual artist Pakelika during the summer tour of KMK in 2003. It can be seen in his hands on the back cover of Koast to Koast. Pak had severe asthma and required mobile filtration that did not overtly look like a bong because KMK was routinely stopped and searched at almost every state line while on tour. He asked Chameleon to design this apparatus for his use.

By 2005, so many people had puffed with Pak that we were receiving requests for the design weekly. We slimmed it down and miniaturized the componentry for commercial sale and gave it the name Monsoon, The bong you take along.