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Fast, Discreet Shipping
All in-stock items ship within 5 days, during the weekday most orders go out the same or next day. Orders placed during the weekend will NOT be processed until Monday. As soon as your order has been shipped you will get an email notification from us. All of our packages are shipped discreetly, in a plain box. There is no indication as to the contents of your package.

Shipping Protection
We offer Route shipping protection for damage, loss and theft. You can learn more by reviewing our Shipping and Returns policy.

We realize that when buying glass online you may change your mind once you see the product in hand. That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee. “If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you may return the item(s) for a full refund less shipping and handling or an exchange for an item of equal value.  Any items being returned must be sent back in their original unused condition with the original packaging no later than 7 days from receiving the product. In order to return a product, you will need to first contact us to obtain an RMA number. Items returned without an RMA number will be refused and sent back.”

In the rare occurrence that damage during shipping happens, contact us within 24 hours. We will require a clear photo of the damaged piece inside of the box in order to process a replacement or refund.


If you place an e-commerce order on and are not satisfied with the product you received simply contact us for an RMA number, return the product and we will credit the card account you used during your purchase.

Didn’t receive it? Damn Porch Pirates! Good news, Route Shipping Insurance can help, please contact them and place your claim. Oh, you chose to click OFF the default shipping insurance? I see, well good luck with that. Since we ship POS (point of shipping), you are well equipped to take your issue up with UPS, USPS, FedEx or whatever shipper was used. Was saving that .98 cents worth it? I hope so.

Listen folks, Never do a chargeback without contacting us first so we have an opportunity to fix the issue. Chargebacks are expensive, time consuming and leave negative information on BOTH our merchant status and YOUR credit history. Try us first please – email your concern to

Terms and Conditions

IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, PLEASE EXIT THIS SITE NOW. We are serious about NOT selling to any persons under 18. We ask that you please respect our wishes and our determination to follow the law when selling our products. Use of your parents credit card is fraud. Thank you in advance.

Terms and Conditions for use of

These General Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) are applicable to any use of the website (“Website”), to any services available on the Website and to any and all offers, orders and agreements connected therewith (“Services”).

All products on this website are intended for legal use and may not be used, or discussed in a manner that is illegal. As the consumer it is your responsibility to know your local and state laws before making your purchase. It is illegal to use drug paraphernalia slang when referring to one of our products. If you do, you will be denied service as required by law, any communication that includes the use of such illegal terms will not be answered by us and will be deleted from our system with out notice.  Also, any governmental employee, agency, or agent must identify themselves to the operators of Chameleon Glass LLC. upon their entering the site, and when ordering any products from our site.

All of our products are traditionally and solely intended for tobacco use or concentrated essential oils, by state legal adults. You must be 18 years old (21 in some areas) to purchase anything from this website. It is your sole responsibility to know your state and local laws regarding the possession and use of tobacco pipes and accessories. Although this site may be linked to other sites, is not, directly or indirectly, implying any approval, association, sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation with the linked site, unless specifically stated therein. By entering this site you acknowledge and agree that has not reviewed all the sites linked to this site and is not responsible for the content of any off-site pages or any other site linked to this site. Your linking to any other off-site pages or other sites is at your own risk.

US Code 21-863 refers to ALL materials used to manufacture tobacco accessories; metal, wooden, acrylic, glass, stone, plastic, or ceramic pipes. In specific, pipes with carburetion devices (third holes) are considered to be paraphernalia regardless of the material used to manufacture the pipe. Traditional tobacco accessories like pipes, cigar and cigarette holders and hookah/sisha pipes are not included in the list of Contemporary accessories. U.S. vs. Posters & Things (Supreme Court – 1996) upholds this code as the OBJECTIVE standard by which paraphernalia is judged. Further, it describes other relevant factors in this determination to include whether the owner is a licensed distributor or retailer of tobacco products. Ten states have adopted USC 21-863 as state law, three more are in the process of adoption. All other states have either less rigorous SUBJECTIVE (intent) statutes or no law on this subject at all! All of our glass pipes conform to RTDA guidelines for bowl depth and width.

By entering this site you acknowledge and agree that this site will only be construed and evaluated according to Arizona law. If you use this site from other locations, you are responsible for compliance with any and all applicable local laws. makes no representations that the materials contained within this site are appropriate for locations outside Arizona. Any and all information contained in this site, including but not limited to information related to products and services, applies only to those provided or offered in Arizona. Chameleon Glass LLC reserves the right to refuse service/goods. does not offer shipping to third parties as gifts or otherwise.  We are only able to ship our product(s) to those who have purchased it and agreed to our terms and conditions. Therefore we will only ship to the credit card holder’s name.

For international orders does not guarantee that customs will not confiscate the products ordered by you. If in the unlikely event your package is, we will not refund any payments to you, and a reshipment of your order will not be possible. You are solely responsible for knowing the import restrictions on any of the products that you order and that may apply in your country of delivery. accepts returns on all unused products within seven days of the delivery date.  A full refund for the purchase price will be issued when the item has been returned and approved for re-stocking.  Shipping and handling fees are non refundable and buyer is responsible for any return shipping fees incurred. is not able to accept returns, exchange or offer full or partial refunds for products that have been used.  Please inspect all items prior to use, once used they cannot be returned for any reason. may revise and update these Terms of Use at any time.  Your continued usage of the Website after any changes to these Terms of Use will mean You accept those changes. Any aspect of the Website may be changed, supplemented, deleted or updated without notice at the sole discretion of


Chameleon Glass
1217 W Hatcher Road, Phoenix, AZ USA 85021



Chameleon Glass manufacturers right here in the United States. As a quality and consistency conscious company, we catch the occasional imperfection during QC or recognize a product line has tired. These items are sold only to those customers specifically requesting seconds and close-outs. Typically, seconds and close-outs are priced at 20% off catalog prices, sometimes even more. If the amount of seconds and close-outs total more than $500 on any one order, an additional 20% discount on seconds and close-outs will be given on that specific order for a total of 40% off catalog price!

Terms and Conditions
1. Placement of an order with Chameleon Glass tacitly confirms your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

2. To Place a Wholesale Order. Just call our toll free direct dial (888-546-3111) or email your rep or go to our website and order today! You will need to establish an account with Chameleon Glass, because unlike other manufacturers, we are not in business to compete with our storeowners!

3. Order Minimum. None, Nada, Nope. A nominal processing fee of $10 will be added to all orders under $100.

4. Shipping Loss or Damage. Purchase Route Shipping Insurance. It is the default. If you cannot be bothered to pay a nominal fee to ensure you are covered (we always ship POS – Point of Shipment) against the naer-do-wells at UPS, USPS and FedEx, then why do you think we should? All products are thoroughly inspected after manufacture and before packaging. Should your shipment arrive opened, tampered with (we use “fragile” roll tape to seal the top and bottom of the box) or in damaged condition, you must sign the delivery company manifest as damaged! Failure to do so will complicate our attempt to file a freight claim and may lead to us being unable to support your claim. Notify us immediately and make sure to keep the original box(es) and packaging for the shipping service to inspect. If we are unable to successfully file a shipping damage insurance claim, we will not reimburse you for damaged or lost goods.

5. 100% Guarantee. All of our catalog products are first quality and your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not 100% happy with your order, please notify us within seven business days and we will gladly call tag the order or specific item(s) for return and replacement or credit/refund for unused items. Chameleon Glass puts forth every effort to photographically illustrate the actual look and comparative size of our products without photo re-touching or color enhancement. WYSIWYG! However, since these are hand made art objects, please allow for small variations in color, shape and size.

6. Special Pricing Agreement (SPA). SPA’s are based on volume. As you buy more, we get better discounts on raw materials and are better able to fully allocate fixed cost. The more you buy the better the SPA. It’s simple math. Chameleon will never be able to price anywhere near some import TRASH from China or India, so don’t even ask. SPA’s start with average MONTHLY purchasing activity of $250. If you can’t uphold your end of the bargain, don’t be surprised when we don’t either, like I said, volume and simple math. Please refer to our website for a discount break down.

7. Account Status (New).Visit our website to completely review and submit the New Account form. New accounts applications will be reviewed and if approved, your starter pack will be shipped Credit Card. Additionally, some locales require a tobacco accessories waiver which  may be required.

8. Account Status (Established Customer). If you would like to use a Company Check for your CODs, please request and return a signed Chameleon Glass credit application. A credit card number on file may be required. We are happy to email you a copy of the invoice

9. Account Status (Expired). All credit arrangements and SPAs expire after six months of account inactivity. So stay current placing orders, is that really so tough?

10. Fees and Shipping.

a) COD is COD: Every delivery service charges us, we simply pass it on.

b) Returned Checks: Again, the Bank charges us, we simply pass it on. You love bad checks as much as we do, which is why 99% of retail stores are cash or credit. Don’t want COD fees? Use a credit card. That way, we get stuck with the fee.

c) Adult Signature: Get over it, it’s an adult product, and if you employ non-adults to run your store, I don’t really want to sell to you anyway dipshit.

11. Terms. Absolutely need days to pay terms? Boy do I hear that! Me too; and after being in business since ’91, we obviously have all our suppliers on terms. Oops, guess what. All the suppliers to the tobacco biz say the same thing: Use a credit card at the beginning of your billing cycle and there’s your terms. Yes, Importers give you terms. With all that profit margin, who couldn’t? You think the imports you buy are cheap compared to my prices? Hah! You should see what the importers are buying that trash for. Pennies on the dollar. Trust me, they are making a mint on you helping them put guys like me out of business, because as soon as you can’t buy domestic, their prices and their margins go up real quick. Feel the love. It’s not a terms kind of biz, and guess where I took all my hits for bad debt last year? “Terms” customers of course. So, here’s me meeting you half way: I offer hold check 20. You have to be a company check customer, and you have to have approval from ME to hold your check another 20 days from when you write the check. Once approved, write “HOLD” in the endorsement area of the check, and when I get it, I will hold it an additional 20 days. No post-dating either. Since it takes UPS 10 days to return your COD Check to me, the net effect is a 30 day term. The order has to be over $500 and the first time your “Hold” check bounces, no more “Hold” check. You get 30 days to sell my glass and cover the check, I get a viable financial instrument without having to call you whining about getting my money.

12. Any legal and/or collection fees are the responsibility of the account holder. Don’t write bad checks/pay your bills and there won’t be an issue. Oh, by the way, I am somewhat vindictive on this point. Screw us and not only will I litigate, I will email and call all the other players I know just to make sure everyone knows you are a dead beat.

13. Returns. If your shipment is refused for any reason, Chameleon Glass will add duplicate shipping (there & back) costs prior to reship of the existing or next order. You think UPS works for free? If your shipment is refused a second time, for any reason, quadruple shipping costs (there/back/there/back), a 10% restocking fee will be added to your next order and I may decide to put your account on credit card only. Sorry, we’re not in business to lose money because you forgot to leave the check at the store.

14. Prices. All prices are wholesale and subject to change (up and down) without notice. Chameleon Glass endeavors to retain prices any way possible, however, raw materials, regulations and shipping (fuel) costs increase beyond our control. For those of you who sermonize us on this point and expect a personal phone call for any/every change in price…Sorry, no can do.

15. Manufacturer’s Intent. Chameleon Glass manufactures and distributes some of the finest and most distinctive traditional tobacco accessories (Pipes, Hookahs and Cigarette Holders), tobacco, legal herbal tobacco alternatives, jewelry, adult art, cutlery, automotive accessories and glass containers available. Color changing glass was developed to utilize particulate matter inherent to tobacco and legal herbal smoking alternatives in conjunction with specialized chemical composites melted into the raw glass to provide the user with a unique smoking accessory that changes with every use. The products contained in this catalog are to be sold to adults of legal smoking age.

Note: Community, Local, Regional and State laws concerning tobacco and tobacco accessories vary widely. It is the responsibility of the re-seller to enforce appropriate age restrictions and conform to the Community, Local, Regional and State laws applicable to their location. Questions? Contact your local authorities and confirm the laws, licenses and restrictions in your area. Chameleon Glass cannot be held liable for ignorance of applicable laws.

16. Trademark. The term “Chameleon Glass”, the “Fireball” logo, the “Buzz Chameleon” logo and the name Chameleon Glass are all registered trademarks in the US, Canada, Mexico and UK, of Chameleon Glass Inc. an Arizona based US Corporation. Unauthorized use and/or reproduction of the trademark is totally un-cool, lame and is THEFT and will result in legal action that YOU will end up footing the bill for. Representations, photographs and specific designs contained in this and older catalogs are the intellectual property of Chameleon Glass Inc. Cheap imitations and knock offs are THEFT, pure and simple. No comedy here folks; don’t do it. If your shop blows glass, you are officially making “color changing glass”; not Chameleon Glass. Copying a piece with no relevant difference in design is THEFT. Putting a hyphen in the name or reversing the words is THEFT. Got it yet? Cool, glad you understand. We are real people, with real car payments, real kids and real mortgages. Real people from the owner to the entry-level prepper apprentice that work as hard as you do and Chameleon Glass is our meal ticket. Now, on to better topics. Care to do some joint advertising? Want to use some of our graphics in your store or for promotion and advertising? Right On! Give us a call!

Thank You for your business!

Chameleon Glass ~ The Original ~ Accept No Substitutes!

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