The Vaporizer rage is in full swing. Easy to conceal with less smell and super convenient; Vape pens are currently more popular than pipes….as long as you don’t ask too many question. Most of the Vape pens I have looked at are chintzy marketing ware – more words than substance, and often times, not so therapeutic because of the misleading way they are marketed.  Contaminated coils, coils made of metal that off gasses heavy metals and other toxins make up the lions share of what is on the market today. True Vaporizers are devices that use *indirect* temperature to either boil water out of a solid (leaf) or phase change a solid or liquid into a gas (extract). Indirect is defined as: WITHOUT COMING INTO CONTACT with the heating element. If you’re going to use a Vape, make sure it’s a Vape, and not just another combustion device that looks like a pen.