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How To Throw A Puff Party: A Guide To Hosting Safe And Fun Smoke Session


How To Throw A Puff Party: A Guide To Hosting Safe And Fun Smoke Session

Planning to throw a puff party this 420? The friendly smoke circle is the epitome of cannabis social culture. And there’s no better way to get a group of like-minded buds together for an enjoyable gathering. But, whether you’re new to passing a hash pipe or an experienced puff-puff-pass aficionado, there are always unspoken rules of etiquette that apply. Check out these simple rules for hosting the most enjoyable, safest smoke session possible this 4/20.

#1 Be a Good Puff Party Host

Any social toker will tell you, there is nothing fun about being invited to a puff party when the host is ill-prepared. A good smoking sesh is best enjoyed with certain elements in place: good cannabis, good entertainment, and good snacks.

Make sure you have your hash pipewater bong, or best pipes clean and ready to go. There is nothing less appealing than sitting down to puff and pass when someone pulls out a crusty, gummy pipe that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned ever. In a pinch? Here’s how to clean up glass pipes super quick.

Plan to have some good music to listen to or something interesting to watch. Chatting is nice, but your sesh is bound to come to a point where everyone just wants to chill and have their senses entertained. You can try this Spotify playlist.

And never, ever forget the snacks. Munchies are to be expected. At the very least, have some chips or popcorn and drinks on hand.

Lastly, always, always make sure you have enough cannabis to go around. Unless you’re hosting a strictly BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) puff party, people will expect you to have enough cannabis on hand to get everyone where they want to go.


#2 Be Knowledgeable About What You’re Smoking

With there now being great access to top-shelf buds in most states, people want to know what they’re smoking. The days when people would pull up a seat and hit a water pipe that contained any type of cannabis are long gone.

As the puff party host, make sure you know what kind of flower you’re bringing to the occasion. When you visit the dispensary, take note of the strains you buy, cannabinoid content, potency, and even the prevalent terpenes in the strain. It can even be fun to have a few different pipes loaded with different strains for people to try. Here are the top 20 strains you can try this 4/20.

#3 Follow the Puff, Puff, Pass Golden Rule

It’s the unwritten, golden rule of any smoking session. You never hog the smoke. Two puffs, and pass. Always. You usually don’t have to announce this golden rule to experienced smokers, but newbies may need a quick crash course in the etiquette.

The puff, puff, pass rule originates from smoking joints. Typically, you only get a handful of hits from a joint, so two hits and passing the joint on meant a group of five or six people got an equal share. While a packed bowl may offer a few more hits, the same rule applies, however.

#4 Be Prepared to Share Your Stash

If you have cannabis you don’t want to share at your puff party, keep it out of sight and out of mind. It is only good manners to share what you have out, especially when you are the party host.

Sometimes, people do bring their own bud to a puff party to share. Not only does this make it less of an expense to the host, but it’s a good opportunity to share personal favorites. Your guests should follow the same rule: if they bring it to the party, they should be prepared to share.


#5 Left Is Always Law

No matter how or what you’re smoking, passing left is the law. This practice goes way back, but there are arguments about when exactly it started. Some say the left-pass-practice goes back to the early 1900s and Jamaican Rastafarian times. You were to always pass left when smoking the ganja during times of peace and only passed to the right during times of war.

Others say passing any direction other than to the left is bad juju of some kind. The superstition is when you pass a different direction, the good energy is disrupted, and you’re inviting bad energy in. Now, whether there is any truth to this is up for debate, but most experienced smokers will always pass to the left.

Side note, speaking of bad juju, don’t even think about bringing an ominous white lighter to a puff party.

#6 Don’t Turn Up the Heat On Your Guests

There is no place for peer pressure in the world of cannabis, so it definitely doesn’t belong at your puff party. If a guest is not comfortable about taking a massive hit, smoking a potent strain, trying a dab, or anything else, never make them feel bad for passing on the experience.

When used responsibly, cannabis can be relaxing and entertaining, but there is nothing fun about smoking too much or getting choked up by taking a massive hit. So, be kind, and let everyone go at their own pace.

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