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Top 20 strains to try this 4/20

Top 20 strains to try this 4_20

Top 20 strains to try this 4/20

Ahh yes, 4/20! Stoner Christmas with Santa Snoop, the Schmokers right of passage. What better way to celebrate our favorite day of the year than to try new strains of the sticky icky?

But first, it is important to determine what type of strain is right for you. The best part about marijuana legalization besides the freedom to smoke as we please, is that the quality of cannabis continues to rise. Keep reading to find out the top 20 strains to try this 4/20 according to Chameleon…. but first a primer on the basics.

The Major Classification of Cannabis Strains- Sativa, Indica and Hybrid

Growers and cultivators have the growing process down to a complete science. The result? Hundreds of strains specifically designed for your individual needs. Though we are soon putting up a blog in detail, here is a brief synopsis about them.

If you’re looking for that euphoric uplifting high, that boosts alertness and creativity, then you would want a strain in the Sativa family. Perfect for those wake n bake days, a Sativa will not only keep you zen but feeling energized and ready for the day.

If you’ve had a long hard day and are looking for the right nightcap to unwind, then an Indica would be the best choice. With a strong body high, an Indica stimulates your appetite (yes! The munchies), relieves pain, and promotes sleep.

A hybrid, as the name suggests, is a combination of both. It is perfect for the times when it’s too late for energizing sativa or too early for a sedating indica strain.

For me, up at 6am with a Sativa wake n bake. Zen maintenance with a Sativa around 2pm. Back home and a quick puff before cooking dinner with a Hybrid (Indica dominant when I can get it), then straight Indica sesh at 8:30pm, and finally another at 10pm along with an Indica Baked Bros CBD/THC combo gummy.

Whether you are looking for Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid, there is a strain out there for you.

20 most popular / best strains you can try this 4/20

Tropicana Banana

A Sativa dominant strain, Tropicana Banana is a great way to enhance any daytime activity as it leaves you with an uplifting effect that enhances creativity and social behavior.

Durban Poison

As a pure Sativa, Durban Poison is also uplifting, euphoric, and sparks creativity. A perfect strain to roll up and explore the outdoors! Put a whiff on this one before you buy. It should be a strong aroma. I’ve bought DB several times and all the good buys were very aromatic.


This potent Sativa will hit hard in the beginning but mellows to a creativity enhancing chill. I prefer Trainwreck when I am doing photography for the website or when I am writing blogs (hint hint).

Ghost Train Haze

Known as a depression killer, this unique Sativa will leave you blissfully stoned from the Haze with the increased cognitive concentration and creativity of the Train.

Sour Diesel

An oldie but a goodie! This classic Sativa hits hard and fast, leaving all the stresses of the day up in smoke! This is concert and festival grade smoke. Improves auditory sensations significantly, but beware…add a few craft beers and you might end up in that dancing mass of humanity, dancing in front of the stage like the rest of the venue has disappeared.

Pineapple Express

Yes, Pineapple Express is actually a real strain! Yes, I am aware that many people who consider themselves ‘in the know’ scoff at this strain…but I have seen the genetics work up on it. It is in fact its own strain. This Sativa will leave you with a happy heady high and increased visual sensation and color definition perfect for creative endeavors and outdoor adventures. Go for a hike. As an aside, PE is my post-shroom fave for re-entry.

Lee Roy

As a strong Indica, Lee Roy’s calming and sedative effects combat depression, pain, nausea, and even ADHD when combined with a 25mg CBD dose for the entourage effect. It’s the perfect strain to forget those stress-filled days and relax with a phat rip from a glass water pipe, some yummy munchies, and a good movie!


This Indica provides a long-lasting high that will leave you feeling like a zen master in deep meditation, as it provides optimal relaxation for both body and mind. I grabbed a quad at Harvest before my workout. I feel like all Cannabis improves my lift sessions, and by far, Zensation has been the best strain for enhancing my strength routine.

Purple Urkle

This infamous Indica is mood-elevating, relaxing, and causes some wicked munchies. Known for its pungent sweet yet skunky smell, Purple Urkle will let all the neighbors know you got the loud on deck!

Triple OG

One of the hardest-hitting strains in the market, this powerful Indica can replace many OTC anti-inflammatory in flower form and has made itself a reputation as being effective replacing some opiates in extract form. Triple OG’s sedative tendencies make it the perfect remedy for insomnia, nausea, and chronic pain.

Godfather OG

Considered the “Don of all OGs”, this heavy-hitting Indica is not for the faint of heart, or lungs for that matter. Godfather OG provides one of the most powerful highs out there! My recommend on this one is be ready, this puppy is stoney-baloney. If you are not a regular cannabis patient, take this one slow.


This THC-rich hybrid has varying effects depending on each person. Stardawg can be either extremely uplifting and motivating for some, and for others, it can cause some severe couch lock. The only way to find out is to smoke it yourself!

Gorilla Glue

A favorite among medical marijuana patients, this hybrid will leave you in a dreamy state while alleviating anxiety and depression. Perfect for a mid-day toke to keep the good vibes going! Personally speaking, my fave of the GG series is GG#3. I’ve not seen the genetics, but word that I received was that this is either an LA Confidential or a Green Crack Hybrid. What I do know for sure however is I love it! :)

White Fire OG

If you’re chasing that bubbly feel-good high, look no further than White Fire OG! However, with this hybrid, proceed with caution as a strong case of the giggles are imminent. Recommended immediately prior to ‘Getting Doug with High’.

Apple Fritter

This glorious hybrid is the perfect combination of power and calmness making for an incredible mellow high! This is the smoke all day long while still being productive strain. I find this to be once an hour on the hour, duck into the garage to get that other screwdriver kind of high.

Super Lemon Haze

This hybrid is gonna make you fresh with just one puff. Known for its stress-relieving energetic properties, Super Lemon Haze is a perfect contender for the wake n’ bake stoner! And for all the hype over terps and taste, this strain is legit limonene without having that Pine-Sol aftertaste.

Jock Horror

Don’t let the name fool you, Jock Horror is anything but scary! As many strains will keep you on the couch, this Sativa hybrid is perfect for a night of dancing and hanging with your buds! My first really, really, really memorable bag was a 2 finger of Northern Lights. NL and all it’s siblings have always done the job for me.

Tangerine Haze

A strong Sativa hybrid, Tangerine Haze is super pop throughout the West Coast. Offering a happy, energetic high, it is perfect for your daytime smoke sesh as it stimulates the mind without jeopardizing your day-to-day responsibilities.

Green Gelato

If you’re looking for some dank bud, Green Gelato would be a top choice! With its body-numbing psychedelic capabilities, this Indica hybrid is perfect for pain relief, relaxation, and with the right music selected, enhances those late-night physical interludes with your significant other like no other! Reminds me a lot of Space Queen.

Pink Rozay

This heavy Indica hybrid will have you radiating positivity with its euphoric and uplifting properties without the sedative effects common in most Indicas.

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