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Best Pipes To Make Your 2023 A Smooth Year

Best Pipes To Make Your 2023 A Smooth Year

Best Pipes To Make Your 2023 A Smooth Year

Have you made a resolution to make 2023 the year to chill and exhilarate your cannabis experience? If Yes, then here are a few new and classic glass pipes to make every sesh memorable. We’ve pulled together some great pipes for your most pleasurable puffs in 2023.

Character Glass Pipes

Character glass pipes are where it’s at whether you’re enjoying a sesh with your pals or you simply want to add a bit of personality to your collection. You can find glass character pipes to suit just about any interest—whether it is gaming, movies, or music. Check out a few of our top picks.

Luchador Glass Pipe

Into Lucha Libre wrestling? Then you’ll love the Luchador Glass Pipe. This piece is all guts and glory with its iconic mask and seamless design. Pick your favorite herb, wrestle it into the luchador’s head, and get ready to freestyle.

Ash Catcher Glass Pipe

A creative take on innovation. All of the Ash Catcher Glass Pipe designs use a simple indented mouthpiece to keep all that ‘stuff’ out of your mouth!

Ashcatcher Glass Pipe
Ashcatcher Glass Pipe #80

Typhoon Glass Pipe

You don’t need to run calculations for Bernoulli’s Equation, just light up any Typhoon to watch the centrifugal vents spin that ‘stuff’ out of your smoke before it gets to you!

Typhoon Classic Centrifugal Filter Glass Pipe
Typhoon Classic Centrifugal Filter Glass Pipe


Prefer to light up with a bubbler? We’ve got your 2023 covered with some of the best, including:


  • The Easy Clean Bubbler for a snappy cleanup after each use (Coming Soon)

Easy Clean Bubbler

Glass Spoon Pipes

It just doesn’t get more traditional than a glass spoon pipe—a straight handpipe. And, these pipes are so small and portable that you could easily amass a collection that boasts a different one for every day of the week. A few of our top picks:


  • The Ride On Glass Pipe is for the smoker that finds peace on two wheels and promises on the open road.



Colorful Pipes

Make your smoking sesh a little more tippy and bright with either a Rainbow Dichro Glass Pipe or a Spyrogyra Dichro Glass Pipe. Either of these is bound to make your collection more visually interesting with all kinds of colorful dimensions, but it will no doubt mean a more vivid experience every time you smoke.


Few glass pipes are quite as iconic in smoking culture as the bong. Undeniably, choosing a good bong is a big deal, but we’ve got a few recommendations to get your 2023 off to a good start.

My Rx Glass Water Pipe

Go ahead, take your medicine, and do it in style with the My RX Glass Water Pipe. This pipe has a low-profile downstem and a classic beaker shape, so it looks amazing sitting on your shelf. But it also delivers a smooth smoking experience every time.


Dali Marble Glass Water Pipe

With a classic bubble base, silver fuming, and gorgeous swirls of glass artistry built into the body, the Dali Marble Glass Water Pipe is a flashy piece of glass. And it sure is built to be appreciated, whether it is on display or used as your favorite smoking pipe.


Kinky Water Pipe

Built like a traditional Zong Bong but with a smaller stature, the Kinky Water Pipe is perfect if you have limited space for storage or display. However, beyond the short stature for storage, the Kinky Pipe is just fun to use with all its zig-zags on the neck.

Build Your Glass Pipe Collection with Chameleon Glass

Whether you want to add a personality-filled character pipe to your glass pipe collection or simply need a few new bongs or spoons, we’ve got a top-shelf collection at Chameleon Glass. As 2023 gets off to a good start, get your smoking sessions off to the best possible start by taking a look at our full collection.

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