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The Future of Bongs: Innovations and Trends in the World of Glass Pipes

The Future of Bongs: Innovations and Trends in the World of Glass Pipes

The Future of Bongs: Innovations and Trends in the World of Glass Pipes

We’ve discussed the best pipes to make 2023 a smooth year, but we haven’t talked about the current trends and innovations in the world of glass pipes. Some would say we’re in the middle of a glass pipe revolution—with bongschillums, and other glass pipes now going just as mainstream as cannabis itself.

All this growing acceptance has bred all kinds of new creations and widespread interest, which has given birth to a new age for water pipes. Check out some of the current trends and innovations in the world of glass pipes, and how these trends will likely shape the future of bongs.

Legitimacy in glass pipe art means even more access to variety.

No doubt, the history behind glass smoking pipes is rich, far-reaching, and rife with unwarranted controversy. The rise of glass pipe popularity in the 1970s, around the heyday of Bob Snodgrass and the Grateful Dead was disrupted by “Operation Pipe Dreams” by the DEA in the early 2000s. Multiple glass aficionados, retailers, and even artists had to step into the shadows to keep the art alive.

Flash-forward to now, however, and glass bongs and pipes are pretty much a mainstay in the world of weed. With more states now weed-legal and fewer negative connotations surrounding smoking accessories, glass pipe art is in full bloom. Therefore, collectors and everyday consumers have access to a vast collection of artistic creations. From whimsical creations like Calcifers Sand Castle with Dichro Ribbon bongs to character bongs like Prometheus Series Nug Man pipes, you can find a piece to satisfy any artistic preference.

Back-from-the-Future Level Innovations Will Alter the Pipe-Smoking Experience

From the development of borosilicate “hard” glass to the addition of fuming to the glass-pipe-making process, so many innovative ideas have revolutionized glass pipes. Without question, the glass bongs and other pipes available today are far more innovative and high-functioning than the basic glass beaker bongs from back in the day. Bongs come in an impressive array of styles, from the more traditional water pipes to the more interesting Kinky Water Pipes. And, the features and accessories these creations can have amplified every smoking experience.

Percolators with extra slots to smooth out harsh hits, freezable internal coils to drop the temp of the smoke, and innovative smoke tunnels to allow for lighter inhalations—today’s lineup can have some impressive features. You can even go out and buy a bong equipped with a laser beam that lights your herb for you if you want to get really high-tech. The more demand there is for bongs that deliver a high-grade smoking experience, the more innovative the features get.

Small bongs and pipes support portable smokers.

Smoking from a glass water pipe has always had its perks. People once gathered around to pass their favorite glass pieces and weed among friends, and they still do. However, one thing that has changed is the need for more portable, personal-sized bongs.

There are many ways to smoke cannabis, but smoking from a bong is by far a favorite. These days, though, you don’t have to pack up a glass bong in a suitcase if you want to take your preferred pipe with you—you can carry some mini bongs and pipes in your purse or pocket.

Color-Changing and UV Reactive Bongs Add a New Layer of Visual Interest

Imagine the experience of flipping on your black light, turning up the tunes, and watching your bong come alive with new colors while you smoke. There are a few different glass finishing methods that can deliver this fascinating experience, and not surprisingly, smokers love these bongs.

Metal fumes may be used to make the glass to look like it changes colors as you smoke. And, some bongs are made with glass rods in special colors that react when exposed to UV light specifically. Either way, the end result is downright captivating. A few favorite specimens include the Atmosphere Series Green Deco and Color Change Water Pipe and the Calcifers Sand Castle UV Reactive Glass Water Pipe.

The Future of Bongs – What Lies Ahead?

The world of glass pipes looks far different from what it did even a few years ago, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. The growing adoration and more widespread acceptance of smoking cannabis only mean good things for glass pipe artistry. In the meantime, you can count on Chameleon Glass to deliver one of the largest collections of glass pipes anywhere. Be sure to check out our full collection of everything from bongs to hand pipes to find the next innovative piece to add to your collection.

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