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The Different Ways to Smoke Cannabis
July 7, 2021 Max Williams

The Different Ways to Smoke Cannabis

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Cannabis, also known as marijuana, bud, herb, pot, or weed, has been in existence for centuries dating back to 2727 B.C. As a leaf similar to tobacco, smoking (combustion), has been the primary method to liberate the palliative complex molecules stored in the leaf. Devices like pipes and papers have typified this method.

Recently, people have developed different devices that rely on new technology. Vaporizers dominate these new methods. Convection and Induction heating are excellent ways to liberate the molecules without combustion and have been in use in the medical field since the early ‘50’s.

Newer devices like Pen Vapes or Personal Vapes claim vaporization but are actually aerosolizers (vibrating so fast that tiny droplets are created). While currently popular, many states are taking steps to ban these products because they are marketed as a healthy alternative to combustion.

They are not healthy, not even ‘more’ healthy as compared to combustion. The chemicals added to make cannabis oil thin enough to be aerosolized are causing far more problems than any hand roll ever could. In addition, new information on the Chinese manufacturing process of these personal pen vapes has been provided that shows the use of lead and cadmium based electrical solder that off gasses heavy metals during use.

In this category, the no name ‘single use’ or disposable vape pen is the worst. The primary issue of these throw aways is they need to be exceptionally low cost as a throw away. Cost issues lead factories to utilize the cheapest materials that are typically the most sensitive to heat for giving off the most vola tile secondary (non-cannabis) materials. The secondary issue is the environmental impact of throwing away batteries into the common waste stream.

Inhalation Methods

Most cannabis users prefer inhalation because it’s a fast method of delivery. In this case, the bulk of cannabinoids enter the body through lungs and are directly absorbed into the user’s bloodstream to give a near-instantaneous effect. The following products can be used in the inhalation method.

Hand Pipes

The Different Ways to Smoke Cannabis

Hand pipes are very popular today due to their convenient nature. Through history, any number of materials have been used to make hand pipes; clay, wood, sepiolite, meerschaum, even ivory. Today, the most attractive material is pyrex aka Borosilicate Glass. Glass Pipes take many different forms and have become the defacto device for many people. When looking for that quick sesh, hand pipes are the most appropriate.

These pipes are portable, simple to use, and come in various types, including spoon pipes, Sherlock-style hand pipes, Gandalf pipe, or chillums. A hand pipe works by drawing air over leaf that has an ember or a lighter providing the heat source. The combustion creates smoke which travels through a small hole at the bottom of the bowl in the head of the hand pipe and follows the tube back to the mouthpiece at the other end of the hand pipe to be inhaled.

Hand Pipes exist in different functional styles or are themed. Ash Catcher and Gandalfs (like the Lord Of The Rings Gandalf Pipe) provide functional effects like filtering and cooling while decorated hand pipes like character or critter pipes provide visual interest to keep your 4:20 moment popping.

Water Pipes

These cannabis inhalation devices come in different variations, with the common ones being bongs and bubblers. They function just like hand pipes, but the presence of water is what differentiates them. The water functions as a coolant for the hot smoke to give out a smoother puff. It’s also been medically proven to filter out some of the combustion particulate that may be present in the smoke.

Note: Glass is better than any other material like ceramic, metal, or wood because they are durable, minimize toxins, and are easier to clean. They are unique in their looks and give pure smoking experience by eliminating the competing tastes of metal, wood, plastic/silicone and other porous or burnable materials.


Joints are arguably the most well-known method of cannabis intake. They’re small and portable, so you can carry them wherever and light them up whenever you want. Can’t roll? Try it a few times, watch one of Snoops vids and in no time, you’ll be a pro, even with new thinner rolling papers made of new and novel materials like rice. Papers can be big or tiny, made of hemp, sugar, cloth, or other materials and also come in various colors and flavors depending on the user’s preference.

Indirect Methods

Anything that may be swallowed or delivered through the mouth falls under the oral delivery method. Today, there are almost limitless options in this category, ranging from cannabinoid-infused cocktails to THC-rich capsules and CBD ingestible oils. The point here is, there’s bound to be something for everybody if smoking is not for you.

More Information

Many states continue to legalize marijuana medically and recreationally. Many states such as Texas, Tennessee, or Georgia don’t allow any kind of usage. To be safe, make sure you do your research to ensure you don’t break the laws of your state.

Today, you can find different strains of cannabis, like Sativa, Indica, and even Hybrid, based on how they affect the user. Weed is widely known and even recognized as a medical solution for some health conditions such as Glaucoma, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Epilepsy and seizures, Multiple sclerosis and muscle spasms, and many others. For those who smoke weed for leisure, it can be a good pastime when chilling with your crew on a lazy afternoon. Others like to get high and join the party. Whatever your reasons for smoking, below are some benefits of smoking cannabis.

• Chronic pain relief due to the presence of cannabinoids
• Help with weight loss due to its insulin regulation capability and ability to manage caloric intake.
• It helps with depression and anxiety due to the presence of endocannabinoid compounds which help in stabilizing moods.
• It has antitumor capabilities, meaning it’s a great sentinel for cancer
• Cannabidiol (CBD) helps in the bone healing process, strengthening them and making it harder for bones to break.

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