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Love is a Joint Feeling

Love is a Joint Feeling

Love is a Joint Feeling

Enjoying a puff of Cannabis can leave you feeling like all is right with the world as you become immersed in an altered state of reality. Or, maybe we live in an altered state when we do not have Cannabis, and the real world is the one infused with Cannabis. Take the red pill, Neo. The feel-good effects of Cannabis are part of the reason proponents of the herb have fought so hard to legalize it here in the US, but there’s more to smoking weed than just feeling good. It is a way to reach your personal Nirvana. Since the social engineering days of prohibition, Science has since proven the positive effects of having Cannabis as part of your daily regimen.

Archaeologists have found Cannabis among the grave goods entombed with the Pharaohs of Egypt. Endocrinologists have found and documented how humans are hard-wired for Cannabis since we have the entire endocannabinoid receptor system in our brains. Those are hard facts. On the softer side, Cannabis can teach you love for self and humanity, but it also makes you just feel happy, hopeful, mellow, and relaxed. This is also documented science.

Attaining Nirvana

Nirvana is a transcendent state. It is beyond desire or suffering. The concept of Nirvana comes from Hinduism and Buddhism, with the belief that Nirvana is a state of enlightenment. It’s a paradise, an idyllic place of perfect happiness and contentment. It’s the highest state of spiritual attainment, achieved through hard-core meditation on the path to enlightenment and awakening. These days that feeling is often referred to as being ‘woke’, observant and aware of your surroundings with a willingness to be part of the answer.

It’s the state of being conscious both from without and within. Some (Taoism) use weed as part of their ritualistic burning of incense to inspire a “hallucinogenic smoke” experience. Mixing a joint with that meditative state is part of the quest for purification. It can also be part of the Rastafarian “healing the nations” ritualized process. The healing and purification work to undermine or counteract any feeling of frustration, fear, anger, or malice, while supporting a relaxing and positive vibe.

Finding yourself

That enlightened and mind-opening state is not only associated with Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it is also felt with Cannabidiol (CBD) and Cannabigerol (CBG). While the efficacy of smoking weed can vary depending on the type of herb, you can expect predictably positive results overall. It basically stimulates your neurons. It’s not an illusion. Smoking weed lets you tap into a “high” that directly correlates with the release of anandamide when these naturally occurring compounds bind with the receptors for them in your brain. It is not unlike the release of dopamine brought on by sex. It’s been called the “bliss molecule,” because it affects the messages in the brain – with effects that are experienced throughout your nervous system.

The experience has been compared to a feeling of light, peace, and even a sense of immortality or omniscience in the process of ascension. When you achieve a sense of nirvana via meditation and experiencing cannabis, you transcend to what could be considered Parinirvana, the final nirvana. The state of complete nirvana and enlightenment may be impossible to understand or adequately explain without personal experience. The path toward a nirvana state involves overcoming the desire for attachment to materialistic things and wanting peace and love for everyone. The goal is to achieve a greater understanding and appreciation for the universe through meditation, morality, and wisdom. Until then, however, you can feel free to give into those materialistic desires and buy a glass pipe from Chameleon Glass (haha ;D )

Puff Puff Pass

Passing the passé with your partner can be the best joint ritual. You could spend time reading weird shit together or watching funny videos on the internet while you munch on your favorite cookies all night. You both can be happy puffing some cannabis to get on the same level. Though smoking together could leave you a little stoney baloney, that’s okay because Cannabis is also an aphrodisiac! Herb makes your life sexier. Depending on the Strain (my wife and I enjoy Space Queen before a sexsh) or the Cannabis family (Sativa or Indica) smoking will also increase your energy. Gone are the stories of the lazy stoner, now it’s the horny stoner! You and your partner can share some cardio on or before Valentine’s Day. It would be great to gift yourselves a bowl for two pipe which you both can enjoy together at the same time. It is designed to build trust and unity as you are each other’s carburetor.

Herb is a Healing

Ongoing research shows that when you inhale cannabis, the ramifications are more wide-spread than just a mood elevation or sensation of all-knowing awakening. Studies show that it could lead to a focus on spending more time outside, as well as being more productive. Smoking weed could also lead to a more philanthropic and volunteer-oriented approach to life and social interaction, since you may feel more tied in with the universe, as well as giving and caring toward others. Yes, at heart, I am a hippie. :)

Studies suggest that Cannabis can contribute to emotional, mental, physical wellness and health. While you’ll hear lots of personal experiences of how a joint has delivered a nirvana-like experience that is eye-opening or even life-changing, that nirvana experience may be different for every individual. In most cases, the experience may be something as simple as a smoothing and steady affect, with a state of serenity beyond stress and the worries of life. It could be a simple harmony. Or it could be more. You may just need to find that perfect combination, the perfect strain with the perfect pipe to get you into your nirvana that were all looking for.

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