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How To Use a Waterpipe

How To Use a Waterpipe

How To Use a Waterpipe

Getting ready to try a waterpipe for the first time? A waterpipe can look intimidating to first-timers despite being a gorgeous piece of functional art. Hitting a waterpipe / bong the right way is not as difficult as it can first appear. This article will help you get the best experience from your waterpipe and other types of glass pipes as well. So, grab your piece, and let’s get started.

First Up, Setting Up For Success

No matter how good the bong is you’re using, having a poor set up may lead to a bad experience. There are a few mistakes you can avoid during setup. At a minimum, always start with fresh water. While smoking from a dirty bong can make the smoke taste bad, filtering through old water will make your smoke taste bad. Does your waterpipe need to be sparkling out of the box clean? Nice idea, but who has the time? Clean water is all you really need.

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How Much Water in a Waterpipe?

Bongs come in different shapes and sizes, so the amount of water can vary significantly from one bong to another. The general rule of thumb is water should be a minimum of 1 inch above the highest hole on your downstem. If the bong has a percolator, make sure any openings are fully submerged. A little trial and error with your piece is necessary to see just how much water delivers the smoothest hit without splashing out of the mouthpiece. Bong water does not taste pleasant.

How to Pack a Bowl

Packing the bowl on a bong is part personal preference and part science. Whether you prefer to grind your weed or break it up by hand, how you pack your bowl determines the evenness and speed of the burn.

The best way to go about it is to use relatively uniform pieces of cannabis and then layer them into the bowl to your desired level. Many people make the mistake of packing too much leaf. Fill your bowl with the amount of cannabis that you or your sesh will completely consume. Leftovers get stale quickly and will rob your next pull of taste and smoothness.

Use your finger to tamp the flower down—not too tight, but firmly. A loose pack will burn faster and create dense milky smoke. Beginners beware; ‘Milking’ a tube can lead directly to an overtake and possibly a nasty coughing fit. An overly firm pack won’t light or stay lit properly. The goal is to get the amount and density that is right for you for a  smoothly and consistent burn once lit.

Anatomy of a waterpipe

How to Hit a Bong Like a Pro

You’ve got your water level figured out and your bowl filled. Now all that’s left to do is to light up, smoke, and enjoy. Make sure the bong is stable on a flat surface like a table or on your lap. From here:

  1. Use your hemp wick or lighter to ignite the flower while inhaling through the mouthpiece
  2. Once the smoke starts funneling through the bong, you can remove the flame
  3. Inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece slowly until you have a little less than what you want.
  4. Pull the bowl from the downstem and clear your piece. Leaving smoke in the waterpipe means the next pull starts with stale smoke.

How to Make a Bong Hit Smoother

If you’re getting harsh (taste, density or temperature) hits with a bong, the reason could be:

  • The bong was filled with old / used water or was not well-cleaned beforehand
  • Your bowl pack is too loose or too tight for your leaf to burn evenly
  • The water level is insufficient. Add water.
  • Add ice to the neck or reservoir. Most waterpipes have an ice pinch or an ice dent in the neck to hold ice in the smoke path. Ice cools and re-humidifies smoke making it less of a throat irritant.

Depending on the problem, the solution may be just a matter of loosening the pack in the bowl, adding a bit more water or ice, or disassembling the bong for a good cleaning.

If you want to invest in a new bong, here’s a guide to the different types of bongs.

Pro tip: If your favorite strain / flavor isn’t available from the Dispo, or you just can’t bring yourself to chuck that eighth of brown you just rediscovered at the back of your stash from last month, add your own flavor! Fruit juice and Kool-Aid add pleasant flavors, while a cordial like Midori or Creme de Menthe add both flavor and a little extra zip to your pull.

Benefits of Using a Bong

If you’ve only been smoking rolled cannabis flowers, you’ve been missing out on the real thing. Smoking from a classy bong truly changes the entire experience. People love bongs because:

  • You don’t need anything but water, lighter, and your herb
  • You get a stronger and more potent hit than with a joint or small pipe
  • You secure a cleaner hit. Study after study has confirmed that smoke filtered with water has significantly less carcinogens. In addition, water filters ash and other particles.


Be sure to check out the difference between bongs vs. bubblers.

The Right Bong Makes a Difference

Ask any cannabis enthusiast, and they’ll tell you the type and quality of the bong make a night and day difference in the smoothness of the hit and ease of use. If you want the best bongs, from looks to build, check out the collection of bongs at Chameleon Glass.

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