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Cannabis Starter Pack For First Time Smokers

Best Pipes To Make Your 2023 A Smooth Year

Cannabis Starter Pack For First Time Smokers

If you set out on the road to start smoking Cannabis, you may be tempted to go with something like a vape pen or roll your own. However, both methods come along with their drawbacks where health effects and even the quality of the smoking experience are concerned. To get you started, we’ve pulled together the specifics of everything you need to enjoy your first herb-smoking experience.


Things You’ll Need to Get Started Smoking Cannabis

If you are a first-timer, be sure to discuss your strain options with a budtender at your local dispensary to decide which cannabis strain would be a good starting point. Cannabis strains can be vastly different, with unique potency levels and effects to expect. As a rule of thumb, most newcomers should start out with a lower-THC strain and go slow when smoking to gauge their personal experience. Once you pick out your herb, you’ll need a few supplies to get started. Here are top 20 strains you should try



Cannabis grinders are not totally necessary, but extremely useful. These tools come in many different styles and with many price points. The cheaper versions are usually plastic, such as the Medtainer Herb Grinder with Storage. These can work out really well for occasional use. If you want something a bit more durable, stainless steel and wooden grinders are also available.

Herb grinders are cylindrical with a few different parts. The most standard, such as the Kannastor Grinder, has a lid, a grinding surface with metal teeth, a kief (powdery leftover rich in Cannabinoids) screen, and a bottom plate. To use a grinder, you simply place your small nugget of flower into the grinding area and twist the unit several times. The metal teeth break down the bud into uniform pieces so you get an even burn when smoking.

Note: In a pinch, if you don’t have a grinder, you can use scissors or even your fingers to break down the herb into smaller pieces. The outcome won’t be as consistent but can be effective.


 The Glass Pipe

The glass pipe is by far the most ideal way to smoke Cannabis. Read here to know Why Glass is better? You get an even burn, no smoke contamination, and consistent hits. There are different styles of pipes, and every smoker has their own preferences in terms of the type of pipes they like.

The classic and most sought-after glass pipe at Chameleon Glass is the standard bong. A bong is a type of water pipe that consists of a beaker that holds water, a downstem, a bowl where the burning cannabis is placed, and a mouthpiece. When you take a hit, the smoke funnels through the downstem into the water to remove impurities and cool the smoke, which enhances its flavor. Other types of water pipes include bubblers and hookahs.

Bongs are exceptionally popular and come in many styles. So many that collecting these glass pipes has grown to be common among frequent smokers. Different bong styles can yield unique experiences as well.

If you prefer to take a different approach, you can also pick up a hand pipe. These types of pipes are smaller and don’t require water for use. A few examples of glass hand pipes that can be beginner-friendly include:

With hand pipes, you basically place your ground bud on one end and take a hit from the mouthpiece on the other end.

Handmade glass pipe by chameleon glass


With your Cannabis ground and ready and your chosen glass pipe in hand, you are ready to smoke. However, you will need a lighter to ignite the herb in the bowl. The lighter choice is kind of a big deal when smoking from a pipe. Most standard lighters are not designed to be inverted in a way that makes it easy to light up. Therefore, a lot of people prefer a small Bic lighter or even a hemp wick.


Cleaning Tools

After every smoking session, take a few minutes to clean your glass pipe. Every type of pipe—bongs, chillums, bubblers—collect residue when you smoke. Over time, the collection of residue can make a pipe almost unusable and wholly change the flavor of your smoke. You can pick up a Chameleon Glass Cleaning Kit, which comes with

  • A cleaning plug
  • Kleen soaker reusable soaking solution
  • WeedWipes Cleaning System with a brush
  • Buddy Scrubber with cleaning pads

If you can only pick up one item, opt for Kleen Soaker. This solution is considered one of the most effective products for glass cleaning and works well on intricate glass pipe styles. You simply soak your pipe in the solution and rinse.


Storage Container

A storage container is an all-out must for your leaf. Cannabis degrades with exposure to sunlight, hot and cold temperatures, and even the air. If you don’t store your leftover bud in a good container, valuable cannabinoids degrade and terpenes evaporate. So, what you end up with is stale cannabis and flavorless smoke that has limited effects.

A good storage container like the Tight Vac Mini Vac Storage Container should negate exposure to sunlight and air, and that container is best kept at room temperature or cool place (between 60 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit) Another important and inexpensive add to your storage container is humidity control. Try an Integra Pack to maintain your herb at optimal humidity.


Get Off to the Best Start with Help from Chameleon Glass

Ready to get started as a first-time smoker? Be sure to visit the impressive collection of glass pipes, bongs, and smoking accessories at Chameleon Glass.

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