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21 Gift Ideas for your Cannabae

21 Gift Ideas for your Cannabae

21 Gift Ideas for your Cannabae

The holidaze are gone, the first month of 2021 is over, and we are officially in the month where love is in the air! If you’re a cannabis enthusiast like we are, love isn’t the only thing that you’d be looking for this February. As you sit with your loved one this Valentine’s day, be sure to surprise them with the best marijuana inspired gifts to show that special stoner in your life just how much you love them!

We understand finding the right gift can be a daunting task, so we created a list of the best marijuana friendly gifts for Valentine’s 2021. 21 bests to enjoy the aroma of weed smoke all around!

Box O’ Bud

Reinvent the classic box of chocolates by replacing each chocolate with a nug of your favorite flower! For bonus points, get a second box of chocolates to go with the box o’ bud because who doesn’t love candy after they take a toke? Munchies anyone?

Her Favorite “Flower”

Her Favorite Flower

Nothing says I love you like a bouquet of flowers but instead of surprising her with roses (boring), catch your favorite stoner off guard with a bouquet made of the best flower there is… Marijuana! Not only does it look beautiful, it smells better to stoners too!

Basket of Munchies

Everyone knows that stoners love to eat! So, this Valentine’s Day, surprise your special someone with a month’s worth of munchies! Put all their favorite snacks in a basket with a bow on top, and you’ve got the perfect gift! Going the extra mile? Add a Grub Hub/Door Dash/Uber Eats gift card.

Cannabis-Infused Dinner

Show your Valentine your cooking skills by infusing cannabis into their favorite dishes and impress them with an elaborate dinner! And if you want help with that as well, click here. You can even bake some cookies.

Cannabis-Infused Intimacy Oils

Cannabis-Infused Intimacy Oils

Set the mood in the bedroom with cannabis-infused sensual oils for some post-dinner intimate moments like you’ve never experienced!

Stoner Spa Day

Eat an edible and take your date on a romantic spa day adventure! Who wouldn’t want to get baked, get a massage and then have some brownchickenbrowncow :P?

Weed Retreat

Take your date on a romantic getaway to one of the 16 states that legalized marijuana (Click here for a complete list)! Take a trip to Colorado’s Rocky Mountains and enjoy the landscapes or visit the famous Museum of Fine Arts in Boston while having BAKED beans! OR head straight to Portland, OR or Seattle to eat some seafood at a vibrant waterfront restaurant with trips to the dispensary in between. Ok, maybe get the tickets and reservations for later in the year when our little guest from China is less of an issue. #covidsux

Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs

Cannabis-Infused Bath Bombs

Feeling lousy and don’t wanna go out? No worries! Bring home all the luxuries of a spa with bath bombs infused with THC and CBD! (Medical News Today has talked about some amazing CBD bath bombs and their benefits). BTW, IMHO, these work. I did an hour soak with my wife and the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD were on point, my joints felt great!

Stoner Movie Night

Cozy up with your significant other and surprise them with a romantic night of smoking herb and watching your favorite stoner films! Make sure there are plenty of munchies…I just picked up Nutella Oreos for this weekend. Spoiler Alert – they are TAY-STEEEEE!

Marijuana Pipes

A Bowl for two Marijuana Pipe

Who doesn’t love a new piece? Surprise your partner with some new piece like the Critter glass pipe (animal or insect of his/her choice)! Or just order a steamroller (a bowl for two pipe) and gaze into the eyes of your significant other for a dreamy pull.

Special Stash Jar

Personalize a mason jar with favorite picture of you and your partner for the perfect stash jar! This way, they’ll think of you every time they reach for some bud!

Personalized Rolling Tray

Just like the stash jar, personalize a rolling tray with a special message! Every time they roll, they’ll be thinking of you!

Marijuana Mixtape

Create a romantic mixtape with all of your favorite stoner songs! I know you were planning this already, but then you got high.

Weed Inspired Jewelry

Grace your partner with a marijuana leaf charm bracelet or necklace! Check out High Point Jewelry for some classy and still affordable jewelry for your loved one.

Flower Joint

Roll a joint in the shape of a flower! Your partner will not only be excited to get high but will be amazed at your creativity!

Comedy Tickets

Marijuana and laughing go hand in hand, so why not get stoned and take your loved one out to your local comedy club for a night of good laughs and good weed! Well, maybe next year, laughing in a mask isn’t quite what you might have in mind.

Engraved Lighter

Engrave a lighter with your and your partner’s initials on it!

Stoner Scavenger Hunt

Stoner Scavenger Hunt

Hide specific weed inspired clues around the house that lead to each other. For example, hide a lighter with a message that leads to some rolling papers with a message that then leads to a new bowl with another message that leads to your partner’s favorite strain!

Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine's Day Card

Create a weed inspired Valentine’s Day card with marijuana puns like “Cannabe my Valentine?”

Supply Box

Charm your lover with a box filled with all their marijuana needs, such as lighters, papers, ash catchers, and debowlers!

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