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Monsoon Water Filtered Hand Pipes

Monsoon Water Filtered Hand Pipes

Monsoon Water Filtered Hand Pipes

Spill Proof Water Filtered Handpipes

What makes Monsoon’s spill proof system unusual is the placement and shape of the holes within the glass mechanism. These holes on the water filtered hand pipes allow smoke to easily bubble through water, while making it difficult for water to escape. Hold at a small downward angle for best smoking results.

To quick clean/exchange the water:

Hold the pipe straight up and down, mouthpiece pointing up. Run cold water into the mouthpiece, and leave it running for 60 seconds. The pipe will drain on its own. Any excess water can be dumped from the clean out. For a complete clean use hot instead of cold water and exchange the water. Next, place the pipe in a container that keeps it standing on its head, relatively straight up and down. A large beer cup works fine. Pour your favorite cleaner into the mouthpiece until the entire pipe is submerged. Pull it out, flip it upside down and re-submerge. Pull it out and flip it again. This will ensure a nice coating of cleaner throughout the internal portion of the pipe. Let your cleaner do its job for as long as needed based on the gunk in the piece. Rinse hot water through the mouthpiece until you can neither see nor smell any residual cleaner. Run cold water in and enjoy!

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Comments (3)

  • Bradley May

    This pipe isn’t quite spill proof, but it’s close. I just wish I knew there were cheaper ones out there without the cyclops eye. I didn’t realize I could get one for 1/2 this price without the cyclops eye. They actually give you the name of the place to buy one cheaper when you watch the link they give you for YouTube to learn how to use this thing. Makes you feel like a real dummy knowing I could have gotten this for $65 without the cyclops eye, which I don’t need for an extra $65…

    It is a pretty cool piece of glass though, even with everything I said above… SUPER Thick!!!


    March 14, 2021 at 12:13 am
  • Ken Kulow

    Hi Brad, Thanks for the review. I agree, we do put nicer models on the clickable links, typically there is the daily driver available in the category, but we do show off the “GT’s” on the front row. :) Hope to see you again on the site, so we sent over a coupon for a next time if you want to buy in the future.

    March 15, 2021 at 11:08 am

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