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Typhoon Hand Pipes
August 9, 2012 siteadmin

Typhoon Hand Pipes

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With specially-engineered air directors (venturi) on each side of the Typhoon hand pipe, the directors cause the smoke/air mixture to vortex inside the chambers of each section. As the smoke spins within the section of our unique typhoon hand pipes, you will be delighted by several things:

1. An awesome swirling smoke show!
2. Extra cool smoke as the distance traveled by the smoke/air mixture travels three times further in its circular path (as opposed to a straight path).
3. A “softer” smoke as centrifugal force spins & sticks combusted tar and ash against the inside glass of the pipe—instead of inside of you!

For best cyclonic results, take a nice long, even pull. Each Typhoon is handmade and requires a different pull. Vary the strength of your pull until you achieve the desired spin. This is not an Olympic event…slow and steady wins this race!

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