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The Beginner’s Guide to the Best Glass Pipes

The Beginner’s Guide to the Best Glass Pipes

The Beginner’s Guide to the Best Glass Pipes

Do you really smoke two joints in the morning? Or do you pack a bowl and go to town? If you’re the type of cannabis user who wants the easiest way to pack and smoke your ganja, you probably reach for your piece.

Glass pipes are convenient. They are inexpensive, portable, and offer a direct way to consume cannabis. And with cannabis legalization, more cannabis users are experiencing the benefits of using glass pipes.

If this is your first time looking for a glass pipe, you’re probably overwhelmed by all of the options. Should you stick to a glass one-hitter, or invest in a foot-tall bong?

Don’t worry — we got you. Here’s The Beginner’s Guide to the Best Glass Pipes on the market.

Why Glass?

Glass is one of the best materials if you want the ultimate smoking experience. As a beginning cannabis user, you probably wonder what separates smoking flower out of a glass piece than smoking a blunt or dabbing from a pen.

Glass combines the best of quality and even improves the taste and smell of the flower.

First off, it’s important to understand the glass used to create glass pipes.

Most tobacco and cannabis pipe manufacturers use borosilicate glass. This type of glass is powerful and is used for most durable glass products, such as cooking ware and the beakers used in science.

In other words, borosilicate glass can resist more wear and tear than traditional glass.

Even though it’s a powerful material, it can easily be molded into a variety of different shapes. This is why there are so many types of glass pipes — and we will go more into this later.

Additional Reasons to Buy Glass Pipes

These are only the basic reasons to buy glass. Here are some glass pipe benefits you probably didn’t know.

It Will Not Affect the Flavor of Your Cannabis

There’s another reason why glass is used for cannabis and tobacco pipes. The glass helps improve the flavor and scent of marijuana.

Glass is non-porous and non-combustible. This means glass won’t add any flavor or scent to the herb, which occurs when you smoke cannabis from another material such as papers or blunts.

It’s Safer

Heat and Porosity. Glass has incredible heat transfer properties. As you smoke your pipe, you’ll notice you can still hold the pipe without it feeling hot.

That’s because the heat doesn’t transfer throughout the entirety of the piece like it does with a metal pipe.

Most glass looks like swiss cheese under a microscope, full of nooks and crannies for bacteria and sick germs to hide in. Not so with Borosilicate. Borosilicate looks smooth under a microscope and does not have any little holes for the baddies to hide in. Anything left on the surface can easily be sterilized away by passing your lighter over the mouthpiece. Worried it will get hot and burn your lips? See above.


Supporting Glassmakers and Artists

As mentioned before, borosilicate glass is flexible enough to form into different shapes.

But it takes a special amount of skill to work with glass. When you buy a glass pipe, you’re not only creating an enjoyable smoking experience, but you’re supporting glassmakers and artists.

Many pipes are blown by glass masters. They’re made in a specialized way to smoke well and be comfortable for the user. But some glassmakers get creative, designing intricate shapes and patterns.

You’ll also notice many glass pipes are colored. While some glassmakers use colored glass, many artists design beautiful artwork on a glass piece.

Like making glass, painting on glass is a burden in itself.

Glass isn’t the easiest medium to work on, especially small pieces such as a one-hitter. Artists also have to use specific types of paint to ensure it is vibrant against the glass and is non-toxic.

But many artists express their creativity and their talent on their bowls, creating intricate designs you’ll cherish each time you smoke.

The Different Types of Glass Pipes

The first thing you’ll see when shopping for a glass piece online is all of the different options you have. Here are the different types of glass pipes.

One-Hitter or Steamroller Pipe

This is a perfect option for beginning smokers. The steamroller pipe, commonly called the one-hitter, is a long cylinder where you pack and light your bud on one side and inhale from the other.

They’re called a “one-hitter” because the end is so small, you can only pack enough to take one or two hits or share a little bit of bud with a friend. Since these are small, you can easily fit them in your pocket and travel with them.

Spoon Pipe or Bowl

Another preferred method for beginners is the spoon pipe, commonly called a bowl.

It’s called a spoon or a bowl because of the large opening where you pack your bud. The bowl turns into a long end, where the smoke travels and where you inhale.

Like a one-hitter, a bowl is small enough to travel.


This product combines the portability of a bowl with the cooling sensation of a bong.

These small bongs offer an area to place water. When you inhale, a bubbling sensation occurs. The water helps cool the smoke so it’s easier on your lungs.

You pack the weed in an opening and inhale out of the large opening at the top of the piece. As you inhale, you take the little bowl out.

While a bubbler can’t fit in your pocket, it’s smaller than the traditional bong.


Bongs are a favorite smoking method for cannabis consumers. You get an intense hit that tastes delicious and feels great on your throat. You use a bong similarly to the way you use a bubbler.

Keep in mind, bongs are the largest and most expensive type of pipe. Don’t invest in a bong unless you only plan on smoking it at home.

Buy the Best Glass Pipes!

Now that you know all about glass pipes, it’s time to buy one for yourself! Where do you find the best glass pipes?

At Chameleon, we come up with original and unique concepts for our pipes. This is so our customers get the best smoking experience. Our glass pipes are hand blown and we only use expert glassmakers.

We offer both hand pipes and water pipes. Shop with us today.

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