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Sensitive Tobacco Areas

Sensitive Tobacco Areas

Sensitive Tobacco Areas

In response to the needs of many customers in “tobacco sensitive” and politically active geographic areas, Chameleon Glass is offering both off the shelf actively stocked and custom pipes that meet or exceed Federal and most 1 State definitions of a traditional tobacco accessory. They are available for next day delivery. Given one weeks time, over 80% of the pipes shown in the catalog can be made to customer specification, including small modifications (put a blue marble on top) or the ever popular “no cleaning hole” NCH style.

Chameleon currently caters to over thirty NCH only customers, providing a wide selection of tobacco accessories not available from most manufacturers or distributors, often in less than one week’s time.

Chameleon products have also been actively used in the re-stocking of stores after visitation by local, state or federal authorities, passing muster at the local and prosecutorial levels for items to be sold without the threat of re-visitation. We are an active member of RTDA and manufacture pipes
like the #569-BHNCH (Space Cadet w/ big head & no cleaning hole) that conform to published pipe specifications concerning bowl depth, bowl width and/or the use of mouthpiece inserts.

True one of a kind customs (headdie pieces) are available and can be previewed by email. Personalized or made to order customs are available as product code #600. Customers can request names, colors, fuming, millifiore, dichro colors and pictures, glow, marble colors and placements along with a wide range of other variables. Price goes up and down with the complexity and raw materials required of the request and as always, custom work is not all that saleable to other parties and is non-refundable.

Some states have pending legislation to outlaw ALL pipes regardless of material or how many holes the pipe contains. While there is no doubt that this is a legal challenge waiting to happen, stores operating in these states may wish to be overtly cautious until the laws are challenged by organizations like National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO) or Retail Tobacco Dealers Association (RTDA).

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