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It’s almost Halloween, fall is arriving and the change of season brings spectacular colors with the changing colors of leaves in our local woods. That means it’s the perfect time for a color changing glass pipe. Particularly if you’re looking for glass pipes especially hand-crafted for Halloween, the Chameleon Glass solutions are what you need. With our tagline, “Real People, Real Innovation,” the artistry is clear. Besides being made in USA, Chameleon Glass offers quality products, with functional superiority.

When everybody is busy tasting pumpkin pies you get great taste from our Pumpkin Glass Pipe, #329, because with Glass, you taste the herb, not the pipe.

While pumpkins decorate our lives during October, it’s the perfect time to explore the variety of pumpkin pipes, ideal for the seasons. Halloween and smoking pipes are nothing new. They both date back to 1000’s of years old Saxony and ancient Greece (and beyond), as part of ancient burial rituals. For this Halloween season, it’s time to revive the age-old ritual and make Halloween special handmade pipes a part of your current traditions. You can even be sure to indulge in one of the Halloween-related strains. Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone? Yum!

Halloween for Puffers

In your younger years, you may have joined in celebrating the season with clever costumes: Grim Reefer, Dr. Mary Jane, a Great Big Leaf, Captain Cannabis, Pot Brownies, Cheech and Chong, or Captain Zig Zag. It’s fun to get into the spirit of the season right! But enough of the kid’s stuffs and now you want to have the same fun the other way. We know you love it, and we want to help you celebrate. That’s why we offer such a range of Halloween-themed glass pipes. We’ve created this line of handmade pipes with a myriad of scary, creepy, and fantastically ghoulish designs to fulfill your Halloween needs. After 30 years of blowing glass, we know that these products are always in demand as the perfect handmade Halloween decorations in puffers’ hands.

How to make your Halloween parties successful?

Chameleon Glass collectors look forward to marking the holidays with a seasonally themed glass pipe made in USA. This is a great way to bring the fun to your Halloween parties. Chameleon Glass has been offering high quality handmade pipes for over three decades. What we want to make sure of is that you know the range of Halloween-themed handmade pipes that we offer to make your parties fun and memorable. Our artistic flare ensures that you get an amazingly clean, clear, and sturdy color change glass pipe that will last far beyond this year’s October party plans. We have cleverly crafted Halloween favorites that help to make your Halloween parties the most fun and successful events ever. Everyone likes to take a pull from that special piece of Holiday Art, so grab one now for this month’s festivities. But be sure, to get the one made in USA, as the quality craftsmanship will last for years to come!

Next Steps: See For Yourself

We know you’ll love the quality of these glass pipes, but we want you to see for yourself. With glass pipe designs as diverse and unique as ghosts; Oogie Boogie (213), the Glow in the Dark Black Cat (85-X), Jack O’ Lantern (329), Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th (340), BoneHead Skull Pipes (357), John Kramer from Saw (339), Cycloptic Eyes (423), Jack Skellington (211), It (1245), and the never dying Zombie (505), it’s virtually assured that you’ll find the colorful and striking design you’ve always wanted. Take a look on the website and, see for yourself. We’ve designed these specialty products as a memorable and inspiring part of your Halloween extravaganza. The Chameleon Glass Halloween specials will do the trick! Just try them and see for yourself.

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