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How to Maintain your High Every Time you Smoke?

How to Maintain your High Every Time you Smoke

How to Maintain your High Every Time you Smoke?

The ability to enjoy the sensation we call ‘high’ has always been the primary attraction of inhaling cannabis smoke. Your high depends on how your body reacts to the chemicals released from the combustion of the herb. As you may have found, the effect is similar but different every time based on a number of different variables, strain, method of inhalation, and repetition topping the list. However, just like pharmaceuticals, the brain builds up a tolerance to the effect, and the high sensation tends to lessen over time. To produce the same effect, one has to increase intake, which can be both expensive or cause problems for the body. Recreationally speaking, too much of anything can be bad for us, whether it is McDonalds, Budweiser, or Cannabis. So, how do you maximize the effect without maxing out your dosage?

Use a Specialized Pipe

Specialized pipes like Bongs and Freezer pipes will increase the inhalation volume. By increasing the volume of smoke, more alveoli are presented with the opportunity to absorb the chemical components of cannabis and transfer more from the smoke into your body. This is a mechanical way of maximizing exposure in each smoke. However, this is not for the first-timer or occasional smoker. Bongs and Freezer Pipes are capable of literally knocking a person out if they are not used to the effect.

Improper Inhalation

The full effect of cannabis inhalation comes with a slow and steady pull. Inhaling too fast or not deeply creates a top layer effect with little transfer. No surprise, you feel like your stuff is defective or has a weak impact. The second tip is to hold in the smoke, instead of breathing out too fast, as the goal is absorption into the blood-stream, through the lungs. This also takes practice, and trying too hard at first, can end up with violent coughing fits. Some people swear by coughing, but I’m over it.

Try Changing Your Habits

Following the same pattern, again and again, can contribute to dulling out your senses and effects with each smoke. Instead, include a variety of strains and implement alongside different patterns in your routine to increase your body’s reaction to new induction methods and sensations. This is not specific to smoking. Athletes, for example, regularly change up their practice routines, geography, and nutrition throughout the year to keep their body developing versus hitting a plateau or a performance wall.

Change the Nature of the Herb

Most people who enjoy cannabis, intake the herb as it has been dispensed. You want edible, you buy edible. Flower, buy flowers, etc. It means the herb is consumed in whatever form it was procured. If you are buying flower, take care of it like a fine wine. Avoid degradation by managing humidity, UV exposure, and state. Even with the best of care, smoking unground bud often first combusts the outside and can create a shell of dried-out ash. Keep puffing, and the pipe gets too hot, which also degrades your cannabis, leaving the internal part of the herb less effective before it can be experienced via inhalation. In my opinion, for the best experience, grind the herb to open the bud to oxygen and provide a consistent, groomable surface for combustion. The results will be surprising. Do you brew coffee? If you do, you know grinding the bean is what liberates all of the oils and flavor from the bean.

Outsmart Your Brain With a Tolerance Hiatus

Just like how your body needs a break from too much physical work, your brain as well can use a break from too much regular cannabis smoking to rejuvenate and lower your tolerance. If you give your body some time to flush out and ‘forget’ cannabis, you will notice that the high you are looking for is stronger the next time you smoke; the high that you used to enjoy will have returned in full force. Again, variety and changing up your routine can go a long way in making your smoke experiences better each time.

Bottom Line

Whether it’s a glass water pipe, a freezer pipe, or even a bubbler, when you need to find an outstanding collection of cannabis smoking pipes, Chameleon Glass is your go-to-brand. From a traditional handmade pipe to advanced modern pipes, Chameleon Glass has all sorts of the smoking gear you need to enjoy your cannabis with full effects.

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