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Easy Clean Bubbler #95

Easy Clean Bubbler #95

Easy Clean Bubbler #95

Necessity being the mother of invention, the Easy Clean Bubbler was born of my frustration of not being able to easily clean or store my waterpipe in a convenient location at my pad. Even the most compact of waterpipes defies anything smaller than a closet because they are generally too tall for a cupboard, and, contrary to what the cleaner folks tell you, they are not the easiest to clean regularly, especially if there is a perc involved, so, no matter where you put them, it ends up smelling dank. I’m jealous of those of you who can leave a dirty beast out in the open, for me, whether it was parents, landlords or (now) kids, I never could. What I needed was a modular (take apart) water filtered piece that I could flush after every use in my kitchen sink, take it apart and stick in a cupboard. So, it was off to the drawing board in the studio.

The Easy Clean uses a series of glass on glass fittings (ground joints) to achieve the modularity. The mouthpiece and the bowl pieces detach from the main beaker body, then, the diffuser downstem pulls out of the main beaker body. Broken down, the whole unit fits into a Tupperware that you can fill with your favorite cleaner for a thorough deep cleanse, or, just flush it with hot water from the tap in between your deep cleans. It also fits nicely into any dishwasher, but, make sure to use a dishwasher detergent with fragrance, otherwise, your dishwasher may smell a tiny bit dank afterwards.

The Easy Clean also provides an awesome ice system. How many waterpipes or downstems have you busted dropping ice in, even at an angle! With an Easy Clean, remove the downstem and drop the ice into the water. Because the beaker body is compact, the ice does not fall far, and it is cushioned by the water. Then, you fit the diffused downstem into the ice and, viola, no breakage.

And if you prefer essential oils over leaf matter, all you need to have is an atomizer adapter (two glass on glass male fittings welded back to back) to utilize your Atomizer Cap and Platform.

Overall, this is a piece designed with the regular smoker in mind. It’s compact, durable and it’s easy to use, clean and store. I have one at work and one at home which allows me to keep my big ornate gear safe away from kids and friends while still providing super cold, filtered smoke.

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