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Cannabis Cheri Raves About An All-Time Favorite Pipe
March 16, 2018 Ken Kulow

Cannabis Cheri Raves About An All-Time Favorite Pipe

Posted in Gandalf

The “Woody Gandalf” from Cannabis Cheri.

These are some of my favorite all-time cannabis pipes, for many reasons. But let’s start with their durability. The first time I brought one home, my roommate said:

“It’s beautiful, but I give it about a week around our house. You know we can’t have nice things!”

Generally speaking, he’s right. We have prematurely sent many a glass pipe and bong to their graves. We are not careful. We live in a house with all tile floors. We have two dogs, one with a whip-like tail that can clear a coffee table of its contents in seconds flat.  And sure enough, within the first week, my beautiful Chameleon glass Gandalf pipe got knocked off the table.

When the glass hit the cold hard tile with the cling and clang of a dinner bell, I was sure it was a goner. But I was wrong! It didn’t break! WOW.

To see what else Cannabis Cheri loves about her Gandalf pipe continue reading.

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