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Brothers With Glass Video
May 24, 2016 Ken Kulow

Brothers With Glass Video

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Brothers With Glass Video

Brothers With Glass Video

Our brotha from anotha motha at Brothers with Glass, an online headshop , took it upon himself to put one of our pieces through a ‘life of a glass pipe’ obstacle course . I’ve broken my fair share of glass pipes in my time, and, most of the time, it’s not some crazy circumstance, it’s just the normal going’s on of normal life. The Brothers With Glass Video shows that Chameleon Glass takes the time to not only make a nice looking piece, but also takes the extra time on the things you can’t see: Annealing to program for strength, flame polishing all work areas and a rigorous quality control program. Most other producers skip these steps because soaking for 8+ hours at 1050 degrees burns a lot of electricity, flame polishing eats gas and QC is time consuming. It all costs $, but unfortunately, the results and value are not obvious while you are viewing the pipe, making the decision to buy the more expensive Chameleon Glass that was Made in USA or the cheap knock off from somewhere else.

To demonstrate some of the unseen value in buying a Chameleon Glass product, Brothers with Glass set up an obstacle course of the many ways glass pipes have met their fate during the normal course of life with their owners. The video <insert video link here> tests a real pipe from normal stock. No camera tricks, no photoshop editing, no special extra strong pipe.

While I must advise the reader to avoid playing basketball with your pipe on a concrete court, it does show you something important: Chameleon Glass is built to last. Instead of a basketball court, I’ll insert my own life’s obstacle: my family room floor is tile. As a child of the ‘70’s (yeah, I’m a little worn around the edges), I can pretty much do all the lines to ‘Empire’, and after releasing the landing claw is the normal time for getting a little nibble from the fridge, which is when I stand up from the couch…except that my Ashcatcher is in my lap. The movie and everything else drops into slo-mo and I watch the pipe slide down my lap, become airborne and impact the tile…clank. At this point, my eyes are closed, but I know my friend has survived because of the sound of tink, tinka-tink tink the pipe makes as is comes to rest on the tile.

There are companies that boast of unbreakable glass, and that’s just false. Chameleon would never make that claim. All glass eventually breaks, even the best made pipes from Chameleon will pass to the happy hunting grounds sometimes. What I will claim is that you’ll probably buy and break 5 poorly made cheap pipes during the life of your Chameleon Glass pipe. Yes, you saved $5, maybe even $10 on the first cheapo, but immediately lost those ‘savings’ when you had to go replace it after the first time someone looked at it sideways and it cracked.

Chameleon Glass from Brothers with Glass: Often imitated, never duplicated.


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