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Are You Correctly Smoking A Glass Pipe?

Are You Correctly Smoking A Glass Pipe

Are You Correctly Smoking A Glass Pipe?

If you’re familiar with smoking tobacco, you know that the pipes can be made of a variety of materials, but there is not much scope of designs. Glass pipes are different; they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and functional possibilities and are the most popular choice for smoking cannabis. They are designed to offer the unique smoking experience you’re looking for (with water filtration and other options).

While you may know that glass pipes are different and even how your smoking experience will differ depending on the type of glass pipe you use, what you may not know is how to properly pack or prepare your pipe for the best experience. So, here are a few tips to make your smoking experience easier, more enjoyable, and even more shareable.

How to pack your glass pipe

Pack your pipe

It’s often easier to learn how to smoke a glass pipe that is a basic bowl model without water filtration or other added features. Glass pipes can be small, inexpensive, and easy-to-use. The first step is to break down your cannabis so that your herb will burn better and more evenly. It’s typically easy enough to do it by pulling the herb apart, but you will lose a percentage of the trichomes to your fingertips. So IMHO, a grinder is preferred. Grinders come in all shapes sizes and functions which we will discuss in a later blog. Pack the broken-up cannabis lighter at the bottom and denser at the top for an even, more consistent smoke. As you roast the bowl, the density at the bottom will increase due to several factors, which is why you should pack it this way.

The size of pipe that you’ll need to use and the amount of cannabis that you pack in the bowl will vary depending on whether you’re smoking alone, (snapper size), or as part of a sesh circle, (party size).

How to Light Your Glass Pipe

Most people just use a small lighter to ignite the cannabis in the bowl. There are alternates; you can use a hemp wick to avoid soot and fume from the lighter or a preheated glass lighter wand, which in essence vaporizes your herb. Bowl etiquette: It’s important to ignite only a portion of the visible cannabis, particularly with a party size bowl. Lighting a small portion makes sure every person gets the same great “Green Hit” flavor when it’s their turn in the circle. Roasting the entire crown of the bowl is a party foul for sure!

It can take some practice to get comfortable with the process of smoking and lighting your glass pipe, but practice does make perfect. You’ll get faster, and you’ll also discover the little shortcuts that will work best for your preferences both when you smoke by yourself or part of a smoking circle. Then you can start to experiment with more advanced glass pipes, with water filtration and other options.

What Kind of Pipe Should You Buy?

While there’s not just one right way to smoke a glass pipe that is perfect for you, some pipes are more basic, which means that you’ll get the hang of the process more quickly, and you’ll likely have a more enjoyable smoking experience. At Chameleon Glass, we offer a basic Glass Pipe Made In USA, in a range of designs, sizes, and shapes to choose from. With options that cover virtually any shape, size, and functionality, we support your smoking experience as a beginning or more advanced smoker.

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