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7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Glass Pipe

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Glass Pipe

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Glass Pipe

When it comes to smoking, whether that’s herb or tobacco, owning a good pipe is just a smart decision. When you know you’ve got a good pipe on hand, you always have a way to have a smoke without any other accessories needed. You simply pack the bowl, light it up, and enjoy. You can go in all kinds of directions with smoking pipes—wood, acrylic, ceramic—but a glass pipe is hands-down the best investment. Check out seven reasons why you should invest in a glass pipe.

1. Glass pipe is easy to maintain and clean

Want easy maintenance with a pipe? Glass is by far the best way to go. The non-porous, hard surface is smooth and easy to clean up, even when you are dealing with sticky resin or heavy residue. This is a nice contrast to cheaper wooden or ceramic pipes, which are porous and far harder to clean effectively.

You can easily immerse a glass pipe in warm soapy water, do a little scrubbing, and walk away with a pipe that looks like it has never been used. With wood or ceramic, no amount of scrubbing or soaking will get a resin-coated pipe back to perfect.

2. Using a glass pipe is a simple, straightforward process

Ready for a smoke? Pull out your glass spoon, pack your bowl, and you’re good to go. No real experience or instructions are needed. The fact is, smoking with a glass pipe doesn’t really involve a learning curve or complexities.

For example, rolling a joint can sound simple but takes some general practice to get the process down. It burns up too quickly if you don’t roll the joint tight enough. Roll too tight, and you can barely get a hit. You also won’t need screens or extra accessories with a pipe, such as rolling papers or filters.

3. A glass pipe always delivers a consistent hit

glass pipe is a lot more durable than expected (2)

All glass pipes can be made a little differently depending on the type. For example, a glass bubbler is a lot different from a basic chillum. Just the same, once you’ve used your pipe once, you can rest assured that you know what to expect from then on out. Glass doesn’t break down or change no matter how much you use it, so you always get a consistent hit for the lifetime of using the piece unless the pipe sustains some type of damage.

4. You can’t get a cleaner smoke than what you get with a glass pipe

You can't get a cleaner smoke than what you get with a glass pipe

Glass is not porous, contains no leachable chemicals, and it doesn’t break down when exposed to heat. This is why so many people prefer glass pipes—you don’t have to be worried that the pipe you’re smoking from is going to change the quality or flavor of whatever you are smoking. For example, a good chillum is always going to deliver that flavorful smoke you would expect because there is nothing in the glass that’s going to cause the smoke to be different.

If you’re using rolling papers or an acrylic pipe, smoke quality can definitely be altered. Metal is notoriously bad when it comes to pipe materials because whatever you’re smoking develops this odd metallic taste. And, even though silicone pipes from China are supposedly built for the purpose, these, too can yield a less-than-desirable smoke flavor.

5. Glass pipe is a cost-effective option

Glass pipes are often thought of as expensive, and, sure, they can be if you go with crafted pieces that are made by certain artists. However, if you’re not investing in collectible glass pieces, and sometimes even if you are, you can rest assured a glass pipe is a wise monetary investment.
The prices can range from less than $10 for a chillum to around $50 to $100, respectively, for something like a sherlock-style pipe or steamroller. When you consider that this pipe can last a lifetime with maintenance and proper storage, this cost investment is good.

6. A glass pipe is a lot more durable than expected

glass pipe is a lot more durable than expected

People tend to associate glass with fragility. While it is true that certain types of glass can be fragile, a lot of modern glass pipes are made with borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass is incredibly resilient. It is actually the same stuff used to make glass cookware, which is known to be resilient to heat, chemicals, and impact.
So, what you are getting is not a piece of glass that has the same makeup as something like a drinking glass or a window. You are actually getting a piece that probably won’t crack when exposed to high heat, can withstand heavy use, and may not even break when dropped or tapped against a hard surface.

7. Glass pipes are awesome to collect and make it easy to show your style

There’s a good reason some people spend a lot of money to build their glass pipe collection. The price of a glass pipe can be affordable, but some more unique pieces can definitely be valuable and more expensive. The options are simply endless, and picking certain styles, colors, designs, and shapes according to your personal style preferences is a ton of fun.
There are few things more rewarding than sitting down for a smoking sesh with a group of friends and pulling out something like a Bonehead Monsoon bubbler or a colorful Shindig chillum. You can always find one of a kind, limited editions, and even custom-made glass pipes by cannabis connoisseur glass artists.

If you dig the uniqueness and quality of glass pipes, Chameleon Glass has the perfect collection of handmade glass pipes for you. Check out our latest collection and find something unique for yourself.

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