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White Label

Bake On Labels : Your Logo On a Chameleon Glass made pipe.

This is the process to create a custom glass pipe based on your own artwork or logo with a vitreous label (Bake On Labels (B.O.L))

To create your own BOL from your own artwork or logo, you must provide a sufficiently high resolution vector file for the labels to be created. Not sure you have a vector file? Check out this article.

A one time Art Prep Fee is assessed and is dependent on file type (does it need to be remade as a vector?), number of colors, size of label, etc. Cost can be as low as $15 and as high as $100, average is $65.

Price is per label. Minimum quantity = 100, but you may find that 250 is the same cost as 100 due to the set up costs being divided over fewer labels, especially on high color count graphics (a single color label is far less expensive than a 6 color label).

You purchase the labels, you own the labels. We can keep them here, and affix them as you purchase, or we can send them to you and you can add them locally as needed.

We require a minimum order of 10 ‘proof’ pipes (#115 design), of any color, so that we can run the labels through the kiln on program to verify that the labels are not defective. This protects both of us from misguided local glass blowers who wish to claim that the label is a problem, not their skills.

Yes – You may also wish to have us make ALL of your pipes.
Yes – We can put your labels on other chameleon glass pipe designs depending on the label size.

A typical BOL order looks like this:

Art = $50
Labels (100 labels @ $.65 each) = $65
Proof Pipes (10 pre-labelled pipes @ $10 each) = $100

TOTAL: $50 + $65 + $100 = $215, plus shipping. No discounts.

In the box you will receive 10 pre-labelled proof pipes and 90 extra labels.


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