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  • Gandalf Ash Catcher Magnet Bowl Glass Pipe
    Gandalf Ash Catcher Magnet Bowl Glass Pipe

    Gandalf Ash Catcher Magnet Bowl Glass Pipe

    The Gandalf Ash Catcher Magnet Bowl Glass Pipe is so named because of the overall shape and the indented mouthpiece. One of many Chameleon Glass innovations, first available in early 2002, this was one of the first and is still a very popular piece! By indenting the mouthpiece, anything heavier than air (ash, particulate or any solids) is pulled down by the natural effect of gravity, misses the mouthpiece hole and is deflected further downward to collect at the base of the indent.Ever done archery? Imagine a bow in your hand and an arrow ready to shoot. You have two targets. One is a funnel with the hole pointing away from you, the other has a funnel pointing at you. If you shoot at the target pointing away from you, your arrow will always be a bullseye as the arrow is deflected from the sides of the funnel and into the hole. If you shoot at the funnel pointed towards you, you'd better be pretty good, because unless your arrow is aimed at and goes directly through the whole, your arrow will hit the side of the funnel and be deflected AWAY.The Ash Catcher Glass Pipe operates in the same way, deflecting the ash AWAY from the hole.Then, add the long, sweeping shape of our Gandalf Glass Pipe to an already awesomely functional mouthpiece. No, a Gandalf doesn't require you to have a beard, but it sure looks good with one!  The Gandalf Ash Catcher Glass Pipe is designed as a throwback to the classic pipe style, this piece has a long drop, which gives a little extra cooling space for your smoke.  Close your eyes, flick your lighter, and light up like you're in the Shire.Simple? Yes. And some of the best new innovations are just that, simple, and yet they make a world of difference. Try one of the Ash Catcher Glass Pipes and you'll never own another pipe without an indented mouthpiece.Hand Made in the USA