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Pot of Green – St Patricks Day Pipes
March 4, 2015 siteadmin

Pot of Green – St Patricks Day Pipes

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At Chameleon we make glass for every occasion, and St. Paddy’s Day is the second greenest holiday there is. These pipes are sure to bring you some good luck, and will make even a leprechaun green with envy!
Lucky Charm
Everyone needs a Lucky Charm. Of course the Luck O’ the Irish comes with this pipe! 3 and 4 leaf clovers adorn this piece in either green or white. Are you feelin’ lucky today?

281-G-Lucky-Charm-Green 281-W-Lucky-Charm-White
Resistance is Futile & Lucky’s Pipe
Resistance is Futile! Lower your pipe and surrender the herb. This blasted piece has a great hand feel for those who are more touchy-feely.

Lucky’s Pipe starts with an oven reaching the end of it’s useful life. Collected and sent to a specialized recycler, appliances are folded into the mix of repurposed items, many of which you would never know they were repurposed unless you were told. Well, you’re on notice, the St Patricks Day pipes you are looking at used to be an Oven Door in it’s previous life. Since Leprechauns ARE green and as one of mother nature’s hosts, they always recycle, so Lucky’s choice is this pipe.