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    Kindtray Nug Out
    Kindtray Nug Out

    Kindtray Nug Out

    It's a Kindtray Nug Out. No, not a dug out, it's a Nug Out! The Kindtray Nug Out tray series was designed as a new take on an old standard. Opened horizontally versus vertically, the user has far more access to the contents. Instead of dug out style mystery hole that you can never quite get all the leaf out of, a Nug Out offers TWO storage areas for multiple strains that are easily emptied completely any time you want to finish or change out to a new varietal.The cut out for your Onie allows for a variety of pieces to fit, along with space for a poker or a paper clip.The cover is rubber gasketed and held in place by Rare Earth (strong) magnets. The magnets also compress the inner rubber gasket to provide a smell proof container on the go. The Kindtray Nug Out's are:
    1. Standard Wood Lid (Model 1)
    2. HD is Heavy Duty Aluminum (Model 2)
    3. JD Cannabis Daniels (Model 3)
    4. DTOM Don't Tread On Me (Model 4)
    5. OG Old Glory (Model 5)
    All but Model 2 are made of 100% Green Forest Certified renewable bamboo.All - Made in USAMore of a traditionalist? Check out this tray for Joints!
  • Kindtray J Tray
    Kindtray J Tray

    Kindtray J Tray

    The Kindtray J Tray is a convenient and stylish carrying case for your 1-1/2" Hand Rolls.  The size and shape make it perfect to fit in a back pocket, as it's really about the size of most cell phones (even smaller than some). Great for throwing in a backpack to go on a hike;  When you get to your favorite smoking spot, slide the lid off, and you're ready to go.The rare earth magnets inset into all four corners keep the cover firmly secured against the gasket to keep smells in the tray and you with no worries about broken, flattened, or bent handrolls. Why no worries? 'Cuz you have them stored safely in your Kindtray J Tray!  Also good to keep small things tidy in your purse, or suitcase, such as jewelry.
    1. Standard 1/4" Depth - 4 Hand Rolls (Model 1)
    2. XL (Deeper) 1/2" Depth - 8 Hand Rolls (Model 2)
    3. Long 1/4" Depth in both Base and Cover - 4 Hand Rolls (Model 3)
    4. JD - Cannabis Daniels (Model 4)
    5. DTOM - Dont Tread On Me (Model 5)
    6. OG - Old Glory (Model 6)
    This is a FAR superior product to any plastic 'tube' from a dispensaryMade in USAWait, you don't roll your own? More of a pipe type? Check out a Nug Out!
  • Europa Series Millefiori Marble Glass Water Pipe
    Europa Series Millefiori Marble Glass Water Pipe

    Europa Series Millefiori Marble Glass Water Pipe

    The Europa Series Millefiori Marble Glass Water Pipe offers a stunning smoking experience with its captivating design and color-changing effect. Made from durable Pyrex, this water pipe comes with a diffused downstem, bowl, and quartz banger nail, making it the perfect kit for any smoking enthusiast.