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  • Shindig Chillum Glass Pipe
    Shindig Chillum Glass Pipe

    Shindig Chillum Glass Pipe

    The Shindig Chillum Glass Pipe is available in multiple color combinations.  This piece is created using a glass method called "inside out" glass work.  This means that the glass is worked from the inside to the outside.  It's a more advanced, difficult format to work than surface work.  All of the decorations you see in the Shindig Chillum Glass Pipe are hand worked on the INSIDE of the glass tube. Fabricated on Pyrex for durability, it also includes the silver fume that Chameleon Glass color change pieces are known for.  Beautiful, and functional, we are pleased to present this design for your enjoyment.Hand Made in the USA.Available in APW (Amethyst Purple, Pink, White), BRW (Blue, Red, White), GRY (Green, Red, Yellow).We also offer a "Mystery" (Miscellaneous) color option for those who enjoy the suspense!
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    Dot Stack Glass Pipe
    Dot Stack Glass Pipe

    Dot Stack Glass Pipe

    The Dot Stack Glass Pipe features the Dot Stack technique where complimentary colors are layered over one another and then slowly melted into place. Depending on how you place the original dots of color, many different recognizable objects can be simulated; we chose flowers. Flower dot stacks are uniquely useful in covering larger round spaces like the head of a pipe with vibrant and visually attractive artwork. One drawback is the slow melting speed limit required to ensure crisp boundaries between colors for both depth and dimensionality.Hand Made in USA
  • Jason Voorhees Glass Pipe
    Jason Voorhees Glass Pipe

    Jason Glass Pipe

    The Jason Glass Pipe is our artistic take on the sad story of the little boy that drowned in the depths of Crystal Lake. Drowned, but not died....if he died, would he be lurking outside your door on the next Friday the 13th?Hand Made in USA
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    Lunar Module Glass Pipe
    Lunar Module Glass Pipe

    Lunar Module Glass Pipe

    The Lunar Module Glass Pipe features a color base with multi layer fume. The fume is encapsulated in clear marbles for a spaced out honeycomb effect. In between those marbles are indentations arranged in a circle around the center. A single complimentary color marble is placed in the center of the honeycomb, between the clear marbles for both depth and dimensionality.Hand Made in USA
  • Your Logo Here White Label Glass Pipe
    Your Logo Here White Label Glass Pipe

    Your Logo Here White Label Glass Pipe

    The Your Logo Here White Label Glass Pipe is what every Special Event needs to provide a unique memento for your swank occasion. Before we go too far, no surprises here: there ARE companies like Grav Labs and Diamond Glass that specialize in large volume/corporate purchases. Like all event style give aways, these companies specialize in 500+ unit orders utilizing inexpensive chinese products from the same factories that manufacture their own branded items.Chameleon operates the same basic process, but with American Made goods (that means the glass pipe, vitreous labels, labeling process, and annealing). There should be no surprise that there is a significant difference in price between our domestic and their import offerings. This process is used for both Public Retail and Wholesale. Make sure you are logged in to see accurate pricing.This is the process to create a custom glass pipe based on your own artwork or logo with a vitreous label (Bake On Labels (B.O.L)) First. Artwork. To create your own BOL based on your own artwork or logo, you must first provide a sufficiently high resolution vector file for the labels to be created. Not sure you have a vector file? Check this: . A one time Art Prep Fee is assessed and is dependent on file type (does it need to be remade as a vector?), number of colors, size of label, etc. Cost can be as low as $15 and as high as $100, average art charge is $65.Second: Price per label. Minimum quantity of labels = 100, but you may find that 250 is more cost effective, as 100 may cost the same or more due to the set up costs being divided over fewer labels, especially on high color count graphics (a single color label is far less expensive than a 6 color label). For smaller run orders (10-20 units) like a Wedding Party or Company Gift, we also offer blast media etching. Each single use vinyl reverse-resist label is $5.Because label artwork is a creative process, the cost of the labels will be assessed as a separate item once you have provided your specifications of size, quantity and colors. Ultimately, whether you buy 10 pieces or 100 pieces, you own the labels. We can keep them here, and affix them as you purchase, or we can send them to you and you can add them to other glass products locally as needed.Third: Order. We require a minimum order of 10 ‘proof’ pipes (#115 design or better), your choice of color, so that we can run the labels through the oven on the correct annealing program to verify that the labels are not defective. This protects both of us from misguided individuals who wish to claim that the label is the problem, not their understanding of how to set up an oven for vitreous labels. As an example, a typical retail #115 Glass Hand Pipe BOL order will end up looking like this:Art $50 + Labels (100 labels @ $.65 each (100 x $.65 = $65)) + Proof Pipes (10 pre-labelled pipes $24 each (10 x $24 = $240))$50 + $65 + $240 = $355, plus shipping. No discounts.In the (example) box we ship to you will be 10 pre-labelled proof pipes with your individual design and 90 extra labels.Note: Order the quantity (minimum 10 pipes of any type) you want for your private label. Email your artwork to and a Chameleon representative will contact you with questions or the quote for your labels. Please allow a minimum 4 weeks for order processing and delivery.Made in USA