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  • Monsoon Spill Proof Glass Bubbler Water Pipe
    Monsoon Spill Proof Glass Water Pipe

    -Monsoon Spill Proof Glass Bubbler Water Pipe

    The Monsoon Spill Proof Glass Bubbler Water Pipe, it’s the bong you take along! Need your Meds on the go, but want the health conscious, but typically not so mobile function of water filtration? Sounds messy. Could be smelly too. Unless you’re rockin’ a Monsoon Spill Proof Glass Bubbler Water Pipe. What makes the Spill Proof unusual is a system and placement of holes within the glass mechanism that allows smoke to bubble through water easily, yet makes it virtually impossible for the water to get out until you want it out (for cleaning).Learn how to clean your MonsoonHand Made in the USA
  • Aragorns Briar Glass Pipe
    -Aragorns Briar Glass Pipe

    -Aragorns Briar Glass Pipe

    The -Aragorns Briar Glass Pipe is a shire favorite for very good reason. Pull up a bench at the Prancing Pony, pack yourself a bowl, pull your hood up and roast the bowl while the golden glow of  the embers of your Longbottom Leaf outline your eyes as you gaze across the sesh. Quench your thirst with a pint of Gaffers Finest and wonder why that halfling just.....disappeared.The CC version has the signature Chameleon color change fuming and the bowl size is spot on. The length and shape of the piece make it perfect for travel, and it just hits like a dream. There's enough space between bowl and mouthpiece to get good cooling action on your smoke, and it's super easy to clear each and every pull.We also offer this model with a specialty bowl. The model was a good friends go to piece and he asked me to make an Aragorn specifically for hash. We use the same process as the past 'Avatar' model and call it Glenn's Briar Glass Pipe.Hand Made in the USAAre you from the Shire? If so, check out some of our other LOTR inspired work: Aragorn AshCatcher, Stryder, Gandalf, Gandalf Woodie and Gandalf Ash Catcher .
  • Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe
    Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe

    Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe

    The Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe is a twin tone masterpiece, each displaying a significant combination of colors. The colors we have chosen are to represent a minimum of 90% of the professional and collegiate teams playing in the United States. You should be able to find your team colors!We start with pulverized colored glass called frit. A tube of Contourex (glass with internal shaping) is filled with frit and rolled in the flame to evenly distribute the colored frit in between the internal shaping of the tube. The Contourex we use is ribbed, or sometimes called scalloped.  The frit is then worked into a ribbed pattern, before being completely melted into the glass. Then a trio of glass marbles added to the bowl end for beautiful texture and a functional finger grip.Need a gift for a Sport-A-Holic? The color combinations in the Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe represent many Professional and Recreational sports teams...ready, set, BUY! :)Hand Made in USASomething a tad smaller with good color selection on your list? Try the Waterfall family!
  • Ambiguity Vortex Glass Pipe
    Ambiguity Vortex Glass Pipe

    Ambiguity Vortex Glass Pipe

    The Ambiguity Vortex Glass Pipe is a twisted piece of functional artwork. Available in either Silver or Gold Fume for outstanding color change to bluish green or pinkish purple respectively. Just as Tornados confound our attempts at control, these vortex pipes are a handful to control during fabrication, guaranteeing that no two are exactly alike. Similar, yes....but your Ambiguity Vortex Glass Pipe will always be unique.Hand Made in USA
  • Space Case Grinder and Sifter Combo Medium
    Space Case Grinder and Sifter Combo Medium

    Space Case Grinder and Sifter Combo Medium

    The Space Case Grinder and Sifter Combo Medium is an authentic Space Case branded herb grinder made of polished or anodized aluminum. Back in the day, these were the only legit high quality grinders, and not much has changed. I still have my Space Case I bought in 2004, no broken teeth, no metal shavings, lots of use and abuse.Manufactured in the USA, Space Case grinders are made to the highest specifications out a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum. Using CNC machining, Space Case grinders feature razor sharp grinding teeth and a grinding movement that is smooth as glass; grinding through the toughest herbs with ease. Space Case Grinders feature an anodized aluminum finish that increases the unit’s non-stick properties so that your herbal blend doesn’t get stuck in the grinding teeth and requires less cleaning than traditional grinders.A smoker’s favorite for years, the Space Case Grinder and Sifter Combo Medium grinds your herbal blend to the perfect consistency for puffing or vaping, while separating pollen into the sift chamber. Included is a triangle scraper to collect your pollen, which is specially designed to scrape the edges perfectly.Medium has a diameter of about 2.5" or 66mm, a super strong Magnetized lid and is made from durable polished or anodized Aluminum.Made in USAPocket Size Available!The Original Space Case is the highest quality grinder available. Our centering wedges on the outer edge pushes herbs back to the center for constant movement as our opposing bi-directional diamond teeth do their job until your desired texture is achieved.
    • Medium 4 piece | Color: Polished Aluminum & Black Anodize
    • Made in the USA, as it has been for over 20 years
    • Manufactured using American milled aircraft grade aluminum
    • Anodized for increased strength
    • Nylon O-rings for smooth and precise rotation
    • Diamond tooth design is as strong and sharp as it gets
    • Powerful Neodymium rare earth magnets for superior closure
    • Medical Grade T-316 Stainless Steel Pollen Screen
    • Includes matching radius pollen scraper
    • Dimensions: 2.5" wide X 2" Tall
  • New
    Maelstrom Chillum Glass Pipe
    Maelstrom Chillum Glass Pipe

    Maelstrom Chillum Glass Pipe

    The Maelstrom Chillum Glass Pipe body swirls like the smoke you are pulling through it. Silver or Gold fumed and then vortexed to encapsulate the silver and gold for awesome color change. The Maelstrom Chillum Glass Pipe mouthpiece is flattened to easily hold it between your lips. The mouthpiece is decorated with a fume enhanced cobalt blue interior marble.made in china