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  • Chili Pepper Glass Pipe
    Chili Pepper Glass Pipe

    -Chili Pepper Glass Pipe

    The Chili Pepper Glass Pipe is SMOKIN' HOT! Available in Green Jalapeno,  Red Cayenne, or Orange Habanero Peppers. Constructed of 25mm diameter clear pyrex tubing with 4mm wall thickness for beauty and durability. We fill the vessel with crushed colored pyrex (frit) to create the vibrant colors and depth of design for realness and shape it into a Chili Pepper Glass Pipe. The pipes are now constructed with a flat spot so it sits securely on any flat surface. Hand Made in the USA Hungry for more food pipes? Today in our Daily Specials we have Eggs for Breakfast, Eggplant Parm or Baked Garlic for Dinner, and Bananas or a Cupcake for Dessert! Want to see some of our products in action? Check out Ngaio's new show Cooking on High for some laughs, great recipes and another show to chiiiillll to!
  • Cyclops Eyeball Glass Pipe
    Cyclops Eyeball Glass Pipe

    -Cyclops Eyeball Glass Pipe

    The Cyclops Eyeball Glass Pipe can see into your soul and demands you to smoke! Cyclops, Inner Eye, Third Vision, the Griffins' Aoxomoxa/Fillmore Flying Eyeball.... They are part of our subculture, so, as a nod to the things we all think are pretty cool, we designed this pipe to represent a functional version of the windows on our soul.  The eye is available in several colors, including our favorite color: Bloodshot! Hand Made in USA
  • Monsoon Heady Spill Proof Glass Pipe
    Monsoon Heady Spill Proof Glass Pipe

    -Monsoon Heady Spill Proof Glass Pipe

    The Monsoon Heady Spill Proof Glass Pipe , it’s the bong you take along! Need your meds on the go, but want the health conscious, but typically not so mobile function of water filtration? Sounds messy. Could be smelly too. Unless you’re rockin’ a Monsoon Spill Proof. What makes the Spill Proof unusual is a system and placement of holes within the glass mechanism that allows smoke to bubble through water easily, yet makes it virtually impossible for the water to get out until you want it out (for cleaning). The Monsoon Heady Spill Proof Glass Pipe comes in 4 color combinations made with Golden Gate Vac Stak tubing : Rasta, Rainbow, Fire and Ocean Learn how to clean your Monsoon Hand Made in the USA
  • -Waterfall Spoon Glass Pipe
    -Waterfall Glass Pipe

    -Waterfall Spoon Glass Pipe

    The -Waterfall Spoon Glass Pipe is a very popular designs due to the appearance of movement. We use a visual trick produced by two way rake on a 2 color wrap. The waterfall Spoon Glass Pipe is constructed on 19mm diameter with 3mm wall thickness clear tube. It is compact and durable. The tube is wrapped with two complimentary or contrasting colors and then raked up and down with clear. 11 combinations are available and may just match the colors of your favorite sports team. 1) Amber: Amber Purple & Black 2) Blue: Teal & Purple 3) Pink: Sparkly Mighty Moss & Pink 4) Green: Sparkly Mighty Moss Green & Canary Yellow 5) Black: Onyx Black & Canary Yellow 6) Red: Red Elvis & Sparkly Unobtanium 7) Yellow: Canary Yellow & Red Elvis 8) White: Cobalt Blue & Bright White 9) Orange: Juicy Orange & Moss Green 10) Gray: Blue & Unobtanium Silver 11) Purple: Purple & Yellow Don't forget to check out the Family of Waterfalls Chillum, Sherlock, and Standup Hand Made in USA
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    Absolute Zero Extract Glass Pipe
    Absolute Zero Extract Glass Pipe

    Absolute Zero Extract Glass Pipe

    What makes the Absolute Zero Extract Glass Pipe unusual is the miniaturized coil condenser. Coil condensers have been a staple of scientific glassblowing for years, but, they are typically very large. The coil provides a pathway for smoke to travel over the super cooled surface of the glass. The smoke is blast chilled and condensed prior to inhalation. Once the smoke passes out of the pipe, it offers a crisp pull that does not burn or irritate the throat and immediately begins to expand. As it expands, the smoke gains pressure and pushes into the deepest reaches of the lungs to provide twice the normal transfer/absorption. Miniaturization has made the airway smaller, so an even, stronger pull is required. Hand Made in USA
    $179.99 $149.99
  • Awareness Glass Pipe
    Awareness Glass Pipe

    Awareness Glass Pipe

    The Awareness Glass Pipe has the ribbon motif as a representation of our thoughts being with those and their families who have been affected by cancer and other diseases that have yet to be cured. Some of these maladies are well known and almost accepted as that's the way it is (until YOU get it), some are less known, 'Orphan' sickness. Both situations suck and part of the Ribbon campaign is to call or recall attention to the fact that a cure has not been found, but, by keeping something very recognizable in the public eye, maybe the right people are sensitized to do something about it! Tie that ribbon, 'round your piece and elevate awareness while you elevate yourself! Hand Made in USA See the Smoke A B.O.L. Collection Here!
  • Clown Fish Chillum Glass Pipe
    Clown Fish Chillum Glass Pipe

    Clown Fish Chillum Glass Pipe

    The Clown Fish Chillum Glass Pipe is an Orange, Black and White Inside out frit design that evokes the colors and patterns of our finned friends. Like the live version, this chillum will allow you to cruise around in any of the undersea nurseries you wish to visit and is especially useful around any coral reefer you may find. Hand Made in USA
  • Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe

    Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe

    The Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe is a twin tone masterpiece, each displaying a significant combination of colors. The colors we have chosen are to represent a minimum of 90% of the professional and collegiate teams playing in the United States. You should be able to find your team colors! We start with pulverized colored glass called frit. A tube of Contourex (glass with internal shaping) is filled with frit and rolled in the flame to evenly distribute the colored frit in between the internal shaping of the tube. The Contourex we use is ribbed, or sometimes called scalloped.  The frit is then worked into a ribbed pattern, before being completely melted into the glass. Then a trio of glass marbles added to the bowl end for beautiful texture and a functional finger grip. Need a gift for a Sport-A-Holic? The color combinations in the Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe represent many Professional and Recreational sports teams...ready, set, BUY! :) Hand Made in USA Something a tad smaller with good color selection on your list? Try the Waterfall family!
  • Full Color Firedancer Fish Bowl
    Full Color Firedancer Fish Bowl

    Full Color Firedancer Fish Bowl

    The Full Color Moondancer Fish Bowl is a great option for a replacement bowl or an additional slide for your Chameleon Glass collection. Available in 9mm or 14mm male joint. The Full Color Moondancer Fish Bowl is designed with a thicker glass handle that keeps heat from transferring from the bowl to your fingers when pulling the bowl out of your water pipe. We start with 9mm Pyrex tubing or a 14mm male Pyrex Ground Joint. Fabrication starts by applying a silver fume and heating the color rods. Purple , Pink and White are used to melt stripes of color onto the clear Pyrex. While it's hot, we give it a twist for visual attraction. The same process is used for the matching handle. A fish bowl style fabrication is different than a push bowl style fabrication. Fish Bowls are decorated then flared into shape with a tool. Push Bowls are decorated and blown into a bubble. A hole is popped at the top of the bubble and a graphite rod is used to push the bowl back into itself. Pros of each are: Fish Bowls typically have more herb capacity. Push Bowls are always a bit cooler to the touch because of the double wall construction. Check out some Full Color Push Bowls here! Hand Made in USA
  • Full Color Firedancer Funnel Glass Bowl
    Full Color Firedancer Fish Bowl

    Full Color Firedancer Funnel Glass Bowl

    The Full Color Firedancer Funnel Glass Bowl combines silver color change fuming with decorative swirls of color. Full Color Firedancer Funnel Glass Bowl is fabricated from a 14MM heavy wall Pyrex joint blank or 9.5mm heavy wall tubing for durability. Complimentary Pyrex colors Blue, Red or Green are added for beauty. It is a great addition to level up any water pipe, or is a colorful and durable replacement. Hand Made in USA Did you break that last slide for lack of a good place to put it? Get the Kind Tray Bowl Holder, to keep your collection safe and sound when not in use!
  • Jack-O-Lantern Glass Pipe
    Jack-O-Lantern Glass Pipe

    Jack-O-Lantern Glass Pipe

    The Jack-O-Lantern Glass Pipe; similar to their carved cousins, this hand made creation can definitely ward off evil spirits like stress and just need the special 'vine' to put in the bowl. Substitute a lighter for a candle and you've got a ready made tool to send those nasty spirits somewhere else!
  • Shindig Chillum Glass Pipe
    Shindig Chillum Glass Pipe

    Shindig Chillum Glass Pipe

    The Shindig Chillum Glass Pipe is available in multiple color combinations.  This piece is created using a glass method called "inside out" glass work.  This means that the glass is worked from the inside to the outside.  It's a more advanced, difficult format to work than surface work.  All of the decorations you see in the Shindig Chillum Glass Pipe are hand worked on the INSIDE of the glass tube. Fabricated on Pyrex for durability, it also includes the silver fume that Chameleon Glass color change pieces are known for.  Beautiful, and functional, we are pleased to present this design for your enjoyment. Hand Made in the USA. Available in APW (Amethyst Purple, Pink, White), BRW (Blue, Red, White), GRY (Green, Red, Yellow), JRY (Juicy Orange, Red, Yellow). We also offer a "Mystery" (Miscellaneous) color option for those who enjoy the suspense!