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  • -Waterfall Spoon Glass Pipe
    -Waterfall Glass Pipe

    Waterfall Spoon Glass Pipe

    The -Waterfall Spoon Glass Pipe is a very popular designs due to the appearance of movement. We use a visual trick produced by two way rake on a 2 color wrap. The waterfall Spoon Glass Pipe is constructed on 19mm diameter with 3mm wall thickness clear tube. It is compact and durable. The tube is wrapped with two complimentary or contrasting colors and then raked up and down with clear. 11 combinations are available and may just match the colors of your favorite sports team. 1) Amber: Amber Purple & Black 2) Blue: Teal & Purple 3) Pink: Sparkly Mighty Moss & Pink 4) Green: Sparkly Mighty Moss Green & Canary Yellow 5) Black: Onyx Black & Canary Yellow 6) Red: Red Elvis & Sparkly Unobtanium 7) Yellow: Canary Yellow & Red Elvis 8) White: Cobalt Blue & Bright White 9) Orange: Juicy Orange & Moss Green 10) Gray: Blue & Unobtanium Silver 11) Purple: Purple & Yellow Don't forget to check out the Family of Waterfalls Chillum, Sherlock, and Standup Hand Made in USA
  • Cyclops Eyeball Glass Pipe
    Cyclops Eyeball Glass Pipe

    -Cyclops Eyeball Glass Pipe

    The Cyclops Eyeball Glass Pipe can see into your soul and demands you to smoke! Cyclops, Inner Eye, Third Vision, the Griffins' Aoxomoxa/Fillmore Flying Eyeball.... They are part of our subculture, so, as a nod to the things we all think are pretty cool, we designed this pipe to represent a functional version of the windows on our soul.  The eye is available in several colors, including our favorite color: Bloodshot! Hand Made in USA
  • Granitized Glass Pipe
    Granitized Glass Pipe

    Granitized Glass Pipe

    The Granitized Glass Pipe series is named after the swirly, abstract and colorful stone that graces so much of our daily lives. Much like its attractive geologic namesake, the Granitized Glass Pipe decoration features a base color with 1 contrast and 1 compliment color swirled with the 'Smoothie' technique, into a visually stunning unique piece of functional art. Hand Made in the USA
  • Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe
    Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe

    Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe

    The Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe is a twin tone masterpiece, each displaying a significant combination of colors. The colors we have chosen are to represent a minimum of 90% of the professional and collegiate teams playing in the United States. You should be able to find your team colors! We start with pulverized colored glass called frit. A tube of Contourex (glass with internal shaping) is filled with frit and rolled in the flame to evenly distribute the colored frit in between the internal shaping of the tube. The Contourex we use is ribbed, or sometimes called scalloped.  The frit is then worked into a ribbed pattern, before being completely melted into the glass. Then a trio of glass marbles added to the bowl end for beautiful texture and a functional finger grip. Need a gift for a Sport-A-Holic? The color combinations in the Faded Frit Ribbed Glass Pipe represent many Professional and Recreational sports teams...ready, set, BUY! :) Hand Made in USA Something a tad smaller with good color selection on your list? Try the Waterfall family!
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    Shark Glass Water Pipe
    Shark Glass Water Pipe

    Shark Glass Water Pipe

    The Shark Glass Water Pipe by Trident stands between 14 and 16 inches tall. It is fabricated on 50mm wide by 5mm wall thickness clear Pyrex. After the classic bubble base is blown, the glass is fumed with silver for Blue and Green color change. The mouthpiece is flared and the mid section offers an ice indent and an old school Mercury Seal joint. Each piece offers a matching color bowl and a glass sculpture of a shark wrapped around the  neck. Many of the lathe operators and tube arters come from a large lamp working tree with it's roots in the soil of Jerome Baker Designs. You can see the inspirations from JBD in not only the art and decoration, but also in the downstem. It used to be that a hole was popped in the midsection of water pipes. After the proper hole size was attained, the hole was reinforced to accept a rubber grommet. All of that process still happens, but modern craft method at Trident takes its lead from scientific lamp working and employs a Mercury Seal by grinding the inner wall to accept a glass on glass downstem. The lower profile of the Mercury Seal joint on the Shark Glass Water Pipe does not stick out like most joints. This is important because it is much more work to make the joint much less susceptible to breakage. Another functionally superior extra step is a hand blown diffuser. Wet saws create intense residual stress around the slits the machines grind into the glass to make diffusers. By nature, hand blown round hole diffusers are fire polished and annealed to maximize strength and long term durability. Beautifully Hand Decorated and Made in USA Looking for something a little smaller? Check out a Recycler