Look for the Chameleon Sticker to Ensure Authenticity

A Chameleon Glass sticker goes on every first quality piece. It is our way of telling you we approved this piece and it is an authentic Chameleon produced accessory.

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Chameleon Glass Typhoon Handpipes

What makes the Typhoon unusual is the specially engineered air directors on each side of the handpipe. To your delight, the directors cause the smoke mixture to vortex inside the chambers of each section.

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How to Pick Your Pipe: A Quality Control Guide

This guide explains how we perform quality control on every single piece before it gets the Chameleon Glass sticker. If you follow this guide, you will get a high quality piece no matter who made the glass.

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New Chameleon Exclusive Easy Clean Bubbler

Born of a frustration with not being able to easily clean or store in a convenient location at home, the Easy Clean Bubbler is a compact, durable and easy to use waterpipe designed with the smoker in mind.

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Chameleon Uses Cutting Edge Raw Materials

To appreciate the kinds of cutting edge, raw materials we purchase to make the most visually expressive glass we can, you first have to understand the history behind color changing glass.

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The Truth About Where Your Pipe Comes From

Glass pipes made in the U.S. are superior to any of the imported trash you'll find at your local liquor store. This article explains why pipes made in America will always be more expensive than imported glass from abroad.

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Spill Proof Water Filtered Handpipes

What makes the spill proof system unusual is placement and shape of holes within the glass mechanism that allows smoke to bubble through water easily, yet makes it hard for the water to get out.

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Why Chameleon Glass?

Chameleon Glass is a family owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of high quality glass tobacco accessories, designed and manufactured by some of the most talented glass blowers in the United States. Having been in business for over 20 years, we have proven that there is no more innovative production shop out there. Find Out More

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Why Choose Glass?

Glass tobacco pipes have received a considerable amount of negative publicity over the course of th...

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How to Pick Your Pipe

As a general rule, always start with the purpose or functionality of the specific piece in order to...

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All About Shapes

Tobacco Accessories, specifically pipes, come in a myriad of shapes. Most casual observers would as...

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