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Kindtray Blunt Tray

Kindtray Blunt Tray

Kindtray Blunt Tray


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The Kindtray Blunt Tray is a compact and stylish solution for carrying larger hand rolls. With rare earth magnets and a secure closure, it keeps smells contained and hand rolls safe. It can also be used to organize small items like jewelry. Choose between two models for storage of up to four hand rolls.


The Kindtray Blunt Tray is your go-to solution for conveniently and stylishly carrying your larger hand rolls. Designed to fit perfectly in your back pocket, this tray is compact and comparable in size to most cell phones. Whether you’re embarking on a hiking adventure or seeking out your favorite smoking spot, simply slide off the lid of the Kindtray Blunt Tray and you’re ready to enjoy.

The tray features rare earth magnets inset into all four corners, ensuring a secure closure and keeping the smells contained within. No more worries about broken, flattened, or bent hand rolls – the Kindtray J Tray provides a safe storage solution. Additionally, this versatile tray can also be used to keep small items organized in your purse or suitcase, such as jewelry. Choose between Model 1 with a 1/4″ depth, offering space for two hand rolls, or Model 2, also with a 1/4″ depth, providing storage for up to four hand rolls.

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