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Chillum refers to a specific apparatus design where two opposing notches or dents are made in the body of the pipe to allow the user to place the pipe in between the ring finger and the pinky finger and hold the Chillum in place. The user then cups both hands together to make a relatively airtight chamber, flexes the thumb to create a small hole, presses lips to the thumb hole and inhales. Chillum is used interchangeably with Onie, One Hitter and Cigarette Holder, though functionally, it is not the same by nature of the dents made for the holding fingers.Most ascribe this apparatus to India as a method of hygenic smoking where the lips of the user never actually touch the pipe. With the advent of glass pipes however, the function of this apparatus is just ceremonial; a glass pipe can be sterilized at the mouthpiece simply by passing an lit lighter over it a few times.
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    Permeation Opal Chillum Glass Pipe
    Permeation Opal Chillum Glass Pipe

    Permeation Opal Chillum Glass Pipe

    The Permeation Opal Chillum Glass Pipe is fabricated in several steps starting with the construction of vac stak tubing. Vac Stak uses several different colored rods temporarily 'tacked' (spot weld) into place inside a large diameter clear tube. The tube is chucked into a lathe with the head stock closed and the end stock fitted to a vacuum. We suck out the air with the vacuum and then heat the tube so the colored rod sinks into the clear. If there are any inclusions, the vacuum removes them so there are not bubbles trapped in between the clear and color. After the color has been permanently welded into place, the entire tube is heated and stretched several times until the correct size is available.Wig Wag describes heating a pinpoint diameter on the tube until liquifaction. Once that super small cross section of glass within the tube is liquid, we gently roll the opposite end counter clockwise. Move over 2mm, heat it up again and turn it clockwise. Repeat as many times as needed for what turns into a repeating 'W'. That is Wig Wag.The Permeation Opal Chillum Glass Pipe is shaped, a constriction is created behind the bowl to keep your leaf in place and an anti-roll marble is welded into place. In this model, that marble also has an encapsulated opal for decoration.Hand Made in USA