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The most innovative American-made quality glass hash pipe manufacturer. Made by real people in the USA.
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The most innovative American-made quality glass hash pipe manufacturer. Made by real people in the USA.

  • Glenns Briar Glass Pipe

    Glenns Briar Glass Pipe

    The Glenns Briar Glass Pipe is a hash lovers favorite for very good reason.  We have chosen to include a unique bowl selection on a version of the Aragorns Briar Glass Pipe model; an old school Hash Bowl. We skip the bowl hole at the bottom of this bowl and put vents near the rim instead. Using a hot pick tool, three vent holes are punched close to the upper rim. The Hash Edition version ships with a hot stick. Place a chunk in the bowl, heat the ball end of the hot stick with a common Bic Lighter for 30+ seconds and push the now slightly red ball of the hot stick into the chunk. As the chunk melts, it also vaporizes. The vapors are sucked into the vent holes before they escape the bowl.Chameleon has offered Hash Bowl style vented glass pipes since 2006. Ever since I was introduced to ice separation /concentration at the Harvest Cup, I have enjoyed bubble hash. No, not extracted oil like your damn pen, bubble hash. It's different. What's the difference you ask. Bubble and other concentrates do not employ solvents, aerosolizers or chemical thinners necessary for extraction / use in 'vape' pens. Solvents, aerosolizers and thinners stay in your extracted oil. Solvents also strip out all the 'other' good stuff like natural terpenes (flavonoids) and non-THC cannabinoids (CBD, CBG and CBN). I personally have solvent sensitivities which is why this is a hot button issue for me. Not to mention, extracts don't get me there anymore. Sure, there are times for near beer and vape pens, but my body craves the whole cornucopia / entourage effect of the plant.The length and shape of Glenns Briar Glass Pipe make it perfect for travel, and it just hits like a dream. There's enough space between bowl and mouthpiece to get good cooling action on your smoke, and it's super easy to clear each and every pull.Hand Made in the USAAre you from the Shire? If so, check out some of our other LOTR inspired work: Aragorn AshCatcher, Stryder, Gandalf, Gandalf Woodie and Gandalf Ash Catcher .
  • Monsoon Concentrate Spill Proof Bubbler Glass Pipe
    Monsoon Concentrate Spill Proof Bubbler Glass Pipe

    Monsoon Concentrate Spill Proof Bubbler Glass Pipe

    The Monsoon Concentrate Spill Proof Bubbler Glass Pipe, it’s the bong you take along - for your hash and or concentrate needs on the go.  For years, we have sacrificed water filtration and relied on chinese electronic pens and dab straws for mobile use. Now, the original on the go water filtered glass pipe is fitted with 3 vents at the top of the bowl to enjoy your extract wherever you are. The Monsoon Concentrate Spill Proof Bubbler Glass Pipe comes with a replaceable 30 second hot stick that works with a standard Bic Lighter to make it an efficient and highly functional mobile rig without sacrificing water filtration.This Monsoon works on the residual heat build up in the glass hot stick. After 30 seconds above a standard Bic lighter, the hot stick builds enough heat base to vaporize concentrates of all kinds. I prefer bubble, live rosin (properly made) or finger dust from your grinder because none of them have residual solvents. This waterpipe does not have a traditional bowl with a hole at the bottom. Instead, we place 3 vents near the top of the bowl rim to catch vapor after you press the heated hot stick into your concentrate and are drawing on the pipe.Now you can receive the health benefits of water filtration while on the go without the messy side issues of taking your home rig and torch with you.  The Monsoon allows smoke to bubble through the water, yet makes it virtually impossible for the water to get out, until you want it out (cleaning and refilling).Hand Made in USALearn how to clean your Monsoon