Typhoon is the name we gave to our award winning dry filtered series of pipes that use Bernoulli’s Equation. Simply put; Nature hates a vacuum. When a vacuum is created, air rushes in to fill the void left by the vacuum.

First we chose the shape of the Typhoon. As a bit of a gear head in my youth, I was familiar with spherical (hemispherical in actuality) air flow from tearing down my uncles Barracuda (Hemi of course). A sphere will contain and direct airflow with minimal turbulence. Other shapes will work, just not as well.

By placing small vents at specific angles in the side of the pipe, directed air streams are created when you take a pull on the pipe and create a vacuum inside the pipe. The air streams create a vortex inside each of the spherical chambers.

The vortex spins particles in the smoke out against the surface of the glass where they stick and are removed from the smoke stream.