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  • Fuck China Glass Pipe
    Fuck China Glass Pipe

    Fuck China Glass Pipe

    The Fuck China Glass Pipe is how I think about the business and societal practices of the leadership of the PRC. Immediately note that I refer to the government apparatus, not the human being who happen to inhabit the land we refer to as the PRC. I don't have an issue with the people. I DO have a personal issue with how our know how and good ideas get stolen and then used against us to eliminate whole swaths of industry. Utilizing labor costs at slavery levels for all manner of products, phones, jet engines, cars and yes, glass pipes, China wipes out any domestic competition and then installs their own distribution and jacks up the price. Unlike other low cost labor democracies (India), China is communist and has zero interest in a middle class. A middle class means higher labor rates. Higher labor rates means China will have to compete based on the merit of their own creativity and productivity. I'll be linking a blog post to this later.Local glass my foot. Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all.Store: Yeah Man, this piece is poppin. Me: Looks kinda importy, except the price of course. S: Naw Bruh, no imports here dude, totally like local, like, ya know, umm, Bob, yeah, yeah, Bob the Glassblower from like down the street. Me: Riiiiiiiight, whats their IG handle? S: Ummmmmm....Listen folks, I got news for ya - 95% of glass pipes consumed in the USA are imported. Except for the max profit lies, those are domestic. Hear this: I don't have a problem with a store selling imported glass. I have a problem with a store selling import glass as Made in USA. Chinese Glass is a massive profit engine because while companies like Chameleon still exist, China dumps product into this country to eliminate domestic know how and production. Those insanely low costs are NOT passed on to the end customer. Rather, the Made in China sticker is removed and the imported glass is priced slightly lower than the American design that it was knocked off from, and then sold as Made in USA. What costs me $10 to MAKE is dumped into the US market for LESS THAN 1 DOLLAR. All things being equal, the lower priced item wins. Except it's not all things being equal, but I'll deal with that in the blog. You should not pay American Made prices for Chinese glass. You: Just look for that Made in USA sticker.For Real: Designed in Texas. Assembled in California. Shipped from NYC all mean one thing: Import. You want to buy USA? Great, look for the sticker that says what the importers don't dare say: Made in USA. Just like the one on the bottom of our Fuck China Glass Pipe. There ARE in fact other companies still producing awesome quality glass pipes at very reasonable Made in USA prices and ALL of them put a Made in USA sticker on their product because they are as proud to be Made in USA as we are.Hand Made in USA