All Glass Hookahs

The Hookah habit is HOT!

Sales of hookah/sisha pipes in the United States have sky-rocketed as patrons of trendy hookah bars and lounges wish to bring this amazing way to smoke into their home.

Probably far and away the most popular of these are the imported “jar” style hookahs. Jars are excellent first hookahs and incorporate many cost saving devices like unfired ceramic bowls, plastic hoses and wooden mouthpieces. Unfortunately, over time, these parts begin to take on their own taste at the expense of the tobacco.

Chameleon Glass offers hookah/sisha pipes designed of all glass (except the hoses, made of surgical grade neoprene) to eliminate these unwanted tastes, leaving you and your customers to enjoy the taste of tobacco, not the taste of the parts. True, a bit more expensive, but the discerning smoker will appreciate the purity of the smoking experience.