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Comments (5)

  1. pixieflight 4 years ago

    Where can I find a Chameleon Glass Monsoon Pipe near me? I love in the Ventura County area of Southern California

  2. Ken Kulow 4 years ago

    Hi Pixie,
    The So Cal store near you that regularly buys from me these days is Salzers Records. Good news, it’s a great store and a long term customer :). Give them a ring at 805.639.2150

  3. Pete 3 months ago

    Where is the nearest Headshop that is authorized to sell Chameleonglass within 100 miles of FortWayne IN 46835 ?

  4. Ken Kulow 3 months ago

    Unfortunately, none. Indy is closest with Dark Side placing a small order last week. Many stores sell color change from China and Mexico and pass it off as Chameleon, but our products come with two stickers, A Chameleon Fireball and a Made in USA. Made in USA products no longer generate ‘enough’ profit for stores these days. It used to be “keystoning” or doublie your money was good, but with the china glass and all the fake cannabis edibles delivering close to 10X profit, we can’t compete at Brick & Mortar stores these days.
    In areas like Ft. Wayne where we have no coverage, We’re happy to take pictures of stock and let you select the piece you want from the website!

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