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The Most Powerful Herb Jar Ever – Herb Preserve

The Most Powerful Herb Jar Ever – Herb Preserve Jars keep your investment safe! The instant herbs are exposed to unfiltered light, the decaying process begins. The potency and quality of your herb is degrading as you read this if you don’t already use Herb Preserve jars. This is supported by extensive biophotonic research, which…
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Best Glass Gadget

This week the Chameleon Glass Typhoon Classic design received an honor from the Huffington Post. Read about it here.

Pyrex aint Pyrex anymore

Pyrex aint Pyrex anymore If you have ever asked a glass pipe maker what raw materials they use to make a glass pipe, most will respond with the compound name of the type of silicate we use; Borosilicate. Back in the day, Pyrex meant Borosilicate….but, Pyrex aint Pyrex anymore. We no longer refer to it…
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Brothers With Glass Video

Brothers With Glass Video Our brotha from anotha motha at Brothers with Glass, an online headshop , took it upon himself to put one of our pieces through a ‘life of a glass pipe’ obstacle course . I’ve broken my fair share of glass pipes in my time, and, most of the time, it’s not some crazy circumstance, it’s…
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Grav Labs is Made in China

Grav Labs is Made in China I’ve taken some heat for this post, but I care not. I’m pissed, as are a lot of other American glass companies trying to make it against the Goliath: China. As you read, understand this: I’m from the midwest and I served; 551st Engineers; Fort Leonard Wood. I have…
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American vs Import: How can you tell?

American vs Import: How can you tell? And why does it matter? There are many factors to being able to tell if something has been made in the USA vs being imported from outside of the country. Here are a few clues. Please comment if you know of any that haven’t been included here. Ask…
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Thick vs Thin: Which is Better?

I will preface the answer with an interesting fact. In 1995, Motorola commissioned a study with Harvard Business School as to why their new (at the time) game changing phone; the Startac, was failing. The answer had zero to do with the phone, it’s design or function….people simple felt it was cheap and inferior…but could…
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